11 Funniest Dogs Who Made Us Laugh In 2015

With all the bad news in the media, it’s nice to know that our dogs are there to make us smile and cheer us up. The past year was great for hilarious dogs that went viral and brightened our days with laughs. These are great dog stories, pictures, and videos that we can keep coming back to if we want to chill out and crack up for a bit. Here are the funniest dogs who made us laugh in 2015.

1. The Wiener Dog Who Ran The Bases

When the El Paso Chihuahuas, a AA baseball team, held a Wiener Dog Race, they had no idea one of the cute Dachshunds would throw the rules out the window and take off on a race of his own. The pup ran free, leading a chase with an expression of pure joy on his face, and he put a smile on our faces, too.

2. Tom Hardy’s Hound Hams It Up

tom-hardy-legend-premiere 2

When actor Tom Hardy brought his pup, Woody, to the premier of his film Legend, he probably had no idea that the pup would be the star of the show. Woody’s behavior was adorably uncivilized, as he chased a pigeon, photobombed fan selfies, and hopped up on his owner during interviews. A pigeon almost had a heart attack, and the rest of us got a good laugh.

3. Bulldog Blinded By His Box

When Diesel the Bulldog got a hold of a box, it was love at first–well, not sight because he couldn’t see anything. The box obscured his vision so the poor pup kept crashing into everything. All he had to do was put down the box, but he wasn’t about to give up his new favorite toy. His adorable clumsiness had us in stitches. 

4. Grumpy Dog

A Puggle puppy has a grumpy expression on his face.

(Photo Credit: Facebook – EarltheGrump)

For a few years, the internet went wild over a cat named Tard, also known as Grumpy Cat. This year, the canine answer to Grumpy Cat scowled forward in the form of Earl, an adorable Puggle puppy with a sour face that’s so over-the-top it can only be funny. His grumpy face only makes our faces happy.

5. Golden Retriever Stalemate

What happens when an unstoppable Golden Retriever meets an unmovable Golden Retriever? You get a stalemate like the one in this video. Two pups were in a deadlock over their favorite tennis ball when a third Golden Retriever stepped in to rest his head on the dueling dogs as if to make peace. It’s the most adorable fight of the year.

6. Buck The Hiccup Pup

Buck the puppy got a severe case of the hiccups, which was completely new to him. He wasn’t sure what was making his little body have tiny spasms, but whatever it was, he wasn’t taking too kindly to it. Buck barked his tiny barks at his own hiccups, making us laugh and say, “Awww,” all at the same time.

7. Velociraptor Dog

This video of a dog running through a field of wheat reminded a lot of people of the velociraptor scene from The Lost World: Jurassic Park. But it was just this pup’s way of running around and having fun while still popping up to make sure his owner was still in sight. His joyful romp was much less scary than a dinosaur attack, and at least twice as funny.

8. The Dog That Wouldn’t Fetch

Dogs love fetch. Well, not all dogs as it turns out. The pup in this video refuses to play fetch despite his tiny human’s efforts to get a game going. Even after the boy tosses the ball and points to it, the pooch won’t budge. But that doesn’t matter, the boy still came in for a big hug. It was a cute, funny moment that melted our hearts.

9. The Shiba In-news

The “doge” Shiba Inu meme has been around for a few years, but it was taken even further with a Shiba Inu dressed as a news anchor in a Japanese video. The pup certainly wasn’t the greatest anchor, as he fell asleep, walked on his desk, and ate his notes throughout the broadcast. But it did make for a hilarious viral video.

10. The Pup And The Ice Cream Truck

A Golden Retriever named Zack was so excited to see the ice cream truck that he ran out to greet it. But he didn’t forget his manners. He walked out with his money and handed it to the ice cream man, then politely took the ice cream back inside. He’s just like a little kid who’s been allowed to buy ice cream for the first time. Smiles all around.

11. Tonkey The Teddy Bear Dog

Tonkey the Shar Pei puppy lies down with her head between her paws.

(Photo Credit: Instagram user bearcoat_tonkey)

Tonkey the Shar Pei puppy became an Instagram celebrity, and it’s not surprise why. The cute pup looks just like a teddy bear. After only eight weeks, she attracted over 100K followers. Now she’s got over 300K, and her fan base is still growing. We’re big fans of her, too, as her silly expressions have us smiling and laughing all day.

What dogs made you laugh in 2015? Who would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!