Dog Dental Care

4 Natural Remedies For Your Dog’s Bad Breath

Sometimes, our best friends have bad breath. If your dog just happens to enjoy drinking from the toilet once in a while and you’re wanting to cover up the smell of potty mouth, here are some great methods to make your pup’s breath a little more pleasing to the senses.

by Beth Meadows
September 17th

Stop Your Dog’s Stinky Breath With Natural Foods

Discuss your dog’s diet with your veterinarian if you’re noticing unpleasant odors coming from your pooch’s mouth. If your dog has chronic smelly breath, it might be time to let them chew on these natural foods to keep the stink at bay.

by Gel Galang
February 13th

Dogs And Gum Disease: What You Need To Know

If left untreated, gum disease leads to tooth decay and tooth loss. It can also contribute to infections and diseases of the heart, lungs, and kidneys. Simple steps for your dog’s dental health taken now can prevent many problems–and expenses–down the road.

by DogTime
February 11th

Top 3 Most Important Dog Dental Care Tips

February is Pet Dental Health Month–an important month of awareness for our pets and their well-being. Spread the word and encourage friends and family with pets to practice proper at-home care and have their dogs’ teeth checked out by a professional.

by DogTime
February 5th

Which Dog Breeds Have The Worst Teeth?

Some dog breeds are more prone to having serious dental issues and need extra care. Find out which breeds have the worst teeth during National Pet Dental Health Month so you can help keep their teeth and gums in good shape.

by Maggie Clancy
February 1st

DogTime Review: Oxyfresh Pet Dental Gel

Oxyfresh’s Pet Dental Gel claims to be a product that makes it easy to keep your dog’s gums healthy and bright, but did our doggy reviewers agree? Find out if it really makes dog breath fresher!

by Maggie Clancy
December 17th, 2018

How To Brush A Dog’s Teeth

Regularly cleaning your dog’s teeth can prevent gum disease, tooth loss, and extend his life; if he doesn’t like having his teeth cleaned, we have solutions.

by Debbie White
January 12th, 2018

The Tooth Fairy helps homeless dogs and cats

Did you know dental disease is the most common problem that affects dogs and cats? Professional animal dentists have donated their time to help pets in need at Best Friends.

by Michele C. Hollow
February 3rd, 2015
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