How To Housetrain Your Puppy: Steps To Take & Mistakes To Avoid

    Perhaps one of the most daunting tasks for first-time puppy adopters is housetraining. But by taking the right steps, you can make housetraining your puppy simple and straightforward, and your rewards will be a cleaner home and a happier dog. Here’s what you should know.

    by DogTime
    1 Hours Ago

    Puppy Socialization: How To Raise A Friendly Dog

    Do you want a dog who’s friendly and trustworthy around both people and other dogs? How you care for your canine — and socialization training in particular — plays a big role in how they respond to people and other pooches, especially if you’ve adopted a puppy.

    by DogTime
    June 15th

    Adolescent Dogs: What To Expect & Tips To Manage Behavior

    Like human teens, adolescent dogs explore their world and test their own abilities in ways you won’t always like. But if you keep up with the guidelines that got you through puppyhood, as well some new ones just for adolescents, you can keep enjoying your dog and lay the foundation for a happy life together.

    by DogTime
    June 14th

    Keep The Peace: 8 Tips For Being A Good Dog Neighbor

    If you’re a dog parent and lover of all things canine, the burden is on you to keep peace in the neighborhood — or at least keep your dog from becoming a burden on others. You can avoid ill feelings and confrontations with these tips for being a good dog neighbor!

    by Jasmine Patel
    June 14th

    Dog Car Sickness: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, & Prevention

    If your dog feels nauseous and ill or even vomits when they travel, then they may suffer from car sickness. Most dogs eventually outgrow it, and there are steps you and your vet can take to reduce symptoms and make your dog more comfortable. Here’s what you should know.

    by DogTime
    June 14th

    5 Key Steps To Safely Introduce Your Dog To A Bearded Dragon

    Dogs are humans’ best friends. But, can a dog be best friends with a bearded dragon too? Fortunately, if you’re planning to introduce your dog to a bearded dragon, there are steps you can take to promote a lasting friendship while keeping both animals safe.

    by Johnathan David
    June 11th

    Top 32 Small Breeds That Make Good Apartment Dogs

    Are you wondering what the best small dog breeds for an apartment are? Since small dogs take up less space, many apartment dwellers prefer the smaller dog breeds. Here are 32 small dogs who make great companions for those who live in apartments or condos.

    by DogTime
    June 10th

    Mange In Dogs: Types, Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments

    Mange is a skin disease in dogs that can be caused by several different species of mites that burrow into the skin and cause severe itchiness and other problems. Mange can even cause lesions, scales, and problems with the immune system. Here’s what you should know.

    by DogTime
    June 7th

    Dog Mom: Can You Love Your Dog Too Much?

    My name is Leslie Smith, and I think I might be addicted to my dog. It’s not a feeling I understand, honestly, and its raw power can be unsettling. After all, this special someone in my life is mesmerized by houseflies and loves rolling in bird poop. I try to keep this mind — most of the time.

    by Leslie Smith
    May 26th

    Prostate Cancer In Dogs: Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments

    Prostate cancer in dogs is a rare but deadly form of cancer that can easily metastasize and spread to other organs and areas of the body, including the lungs, bones, and lymph nodes. Most prostate cancer is known as adenocarcinoma, which is highly aggressive. Here’s what you should know.

    by DogTime
    May 12th

    How To Find And Remove Ticks From Dogs

    Ticks can spread Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and more! How should you check your dog for ticks? And what should you do if you find one? Here’s a guide to catching these bloodsuckers in the act and what to do if they bite your dog.

    by DogTime
    May 5th

    ‘Star Wars’ Saga Dog Names For Your Force-Wielding Pooch

    Do you have a dog who’s strong in The Force? Is your pup a Padawan Jedi-in-training or a budding Sith Lord on the path to the dark side? Whatever the case may be, your pup could find a great name inspired by the Star Wars galaxy. Here are the best Star Wars dog names.

    by DogTime
    May 3rd

    National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day: Bring Home A Best Friend For Life!

    Whatever type of lifelong best friend you’re looking for, National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day is a great opportunity to bring a pet home. And if your home is already full of all the fur it can handle, you can still help out by sharing adoptable animals on social media or making a donation to a shelter or rescue you love!

    by DogTime
    April 29th

    How To Use An Indoor Dog Toilet To Housetrain Your Pup

    You can teach your puppy to use their indoor toilet in the same way you’ll teach them to go outside — keep them in their crate when you’re not with them, take them to their doggy toilet every two hours, and praise and reward them for using it. Here’s what you should know.

    by DogTime
    April 21st

    Cushing’s Disease In Dogs: Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments

    Cushing’s disease, or hyperadrenocorticism, in dogs is a condition caused by an overactive adrenal gland that pumps too many steroids and hormones into the bloodstream. The disease usually develops slowly and can result in a variety of symptoms. Here’s what you should know.

    by DogTime
    April 20th

    15 Things Every New Puppy Parent Must Have

    Raising a puppy can be a very exciting experience but also time consuming and stressful. Sometimes new puppy parents find themselves unprepared for the flood of responsibilities and needs that come with adopting a young dog. Here’s a list of items every new puppy parent must have.

    by Faris Jaclyn
    April 16th
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