25 Easter Dog And Puppy Pictures To Make You Smile

Easter is on the way! It’s a holiday we celebrate with our friends and family, including our furry family members. Here are 25 pictures of Easter dogs who are ready to hunt for eggs, open their baskets of presents, and pose with their bunny friends!

by Krista Kumpf
April 2nd

Saint Patrick’s Day Safety Tips For You And Your Dog

Shamrocks, parades, pots o’ gold, green beer—Saint Paddy’s Day celebrates spring and one of Ireland’s most revered saints. But there are a few hazards all dog owners should keep in mind—and we aren’t just talking about leprechauns. Keep your dog safe with these Saint Patrick’s Day tips!

by DogTime
March 17th

7 Best Dog Breeds To Celebrate With On Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is a time for being with your pals and laughing over a few pints of green beer. So if you’re going to spend time with friends, why not spend it with humans’ best friends–dogs? Here are a few dog breeds that would make excellent companions for Saint Paddy’s Day!

by Mike Clark
March 17th

Dogs In The White House: What Makes A Dog Presidential?

Forget elephants and donkeys–the White House has often been the domain of canines. With Presidents Day on the way, here are some facts about the pooches who made the White House their home with their Presidential parents and what it takes to be First Dog.

by DogTime
February 17th

10 Ways To Show Your Dog You Love Them On Valentine’s Day

February is here, and that means that Valentine’s Day is on our minds. Of course, we couldn’t have a proper Valentine’s Day celebration without our one true loves–our dogs! Here are some fun and thoughtful ways to celebrate your love for your canine companion this Valentine’s Day.

by DogTime
February 14th

24 Dogs Who Want To Be Your Valentine! [PICTURES]

February is here, and of course that means Valentine’s Day is on our minds! Whether you go out or stay in, make sure you give your dog a big old hug and kiss. Take a look at these pooches who just want to be your Valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day!

by DogTime
February 14th

Top 10 Easy DIY Dog Costumes To Dress Up Your Pet [VIDEOS]

You could just go to the store and buy your dog an already made doggy costume, but why not try getting creative with it? Here are ten easy-to-follow video tutorials of DIY dog costumes that just about anybody can make for Halloween, Dress Up Your Pet Day, or any other occasion.

by Sarah Greenwald
January 7th
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