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Dog Kennels: When You Can’t Bring Them With You

As much as you might like to bring your dog on your travels, sometimes it’s just not possible or practical. And you may have used up all your pet-sitting favors from family and friends. It might be time to go shopping for dog kennels.

by Cricket Lee
August 14th

Canine Car Sickness: What To Do About It

What if your dog suddenly doesn’t feel right during or after a car ride? Dog motion sickness is real, and it can happen even during the shortest car rides. Preventing canine car sickness, and even treating it, can help make that trip to the dog park or anywhere else a lot more pleasant.

by DogTime
May 24th

6 Tips So You Can Relax When You Travel Without Your Dog

There are times when we have to travel and our pups can’t come along for the trip. At some point you have to just trust the Universe and have a good time, and that’s easier to do when you know you’ve taken a few emergency precautions.

by Julia
May 23rd

Should You Sedate Your Dog When Traveling By Plane?

One of our primary concerns when traveling with our dogs is their safety and comfort, especially if they might fly in the cargo area of the plane. So should you sedate your dog if you’re traveling with them by plane? The quick answer is no, and there are many reasons why.

by Jean Andrei
April 2nd

Do Dogs Need Vacations, Too?

You could probably use a vacation. Couldn’t we all? Well, it turns out your dog might feel the same way. Here are a few things to think about when it comes to dogs and vacations.

by Mike Clark
March 21st

A Guide To Pet-Friendly Hotels

With so many pet friendly hotels to choose from, there’s no need to leave Fluffy behind. Learn how to select a pet friendly hotel and browse tips on hotel living with your pet.

by Cricket Lee
October 4th

JFK The Most Pet Friendly Airport In America?

John F. Kennedy International airport is quickly becoming the most pet friendly airport in the world. The new forty eight million dollar Ark terminal, set to open next summer, has been ten years in the making. The Ark is expected to make animal transitioning much more efficient. As pets and livestock have suffered extreme weather […]

by Julia Higgins
July 22nd, 2015
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