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  • Moving pet internationally?

    Moving pet internationally?

    Question: I’m relocating internationally with my pet. How far in advance do I start planning and where do I start? Answer: Advance planning is crucial. International relocations for pets, just like their human counterparts, require months of advance planning and careful attention to paperwork details. A pet relocation company ensures that all of the documentation […]

  • Moving pets within the U.S.?

    Moving pets within the U.S.?

    Question: My dog and I are going to be moving from New York to Los Angeles. What is required for all live animals crossing state lines? Answer: The requirements for moving domestically are fairly simple. The following are regulations for pets traveling domestically within the United States as well as entering the United States from […]

  • Pet disaster plan?

    Pet disaster plan?

    Question: I just got a new dog and would like to include her in our family’s disaster readiness plan. What do I need to know? Answer: Animals are an integral part the family and absolutely need to be included in one’s disaster preparedness plan. Studies have been shown that people are reluctant to evacuate if […]

  • Dog Seatbelts & Car Restraints

    Dog Seatbelts & Car Restraints

    Guide to buying a seatbelt for your dog or puppy

  • Transporting pets to Europe

    Transporting pets to Europe

    Things to know about international pet shipping

  • Travel gear

    Travel gear

    Supplies to keep your dog or puppy safe and comfortable on the road

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