Uber, Lyft, and Taxis With Your Dog: What Car Services Let You Bring Your Dog?

Car Services That Are Dog Friendly

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There are times when we need to travel with our dog in a car. Not all of those times are going to be spent in your own car. You may not even have a car. A lot of people who live in cities use public transportation. If you have ever wondered what ride-sharing apps and taxi services allow dogs, you are not alone. Here is everything you need to know about traveling in a taxi or other ride-share app type service with your dog.

Call Taxi Companies Ahead Of Time To See If Your Dog Is Allowed

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If you plan on traveling by taxi with your dog, call the cab company ahead of time to see if they allow dogs in their cars. Many different cab companies and drivers have various rules on bringing pets in the car. To avoid any stress or confusion when the cab driver pulls up, contact the company ahead of time to request a car and driver that is OK with you bringing your dog. Tell them what size your dog is and bring a towel, small blanket or pad for your dog to sit on. The driver will appreciate you taking care to cover up his or her seats and not leave any fur behind.

Traveling With Your Dog In A Lyft Or Uber

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The beauty of ride-sharing apps is that drivers are independent contractors that can use their own car to make money on the side. Because Lyft and Uber drivers are using their own cars, it is up to each individual driver’s discretion on whether or not your dog is allowed to ride in the car. Unfortunately, this means you cannot check with Uber or Lyft prior to requesting a driver to see if your dog can come in the car

If you find yourself in need of a Lyft or Uber with your dog, request the car as normal. As soon as you are assigned a driver, contact them immediately to see if it is OK for your dog to come along in the car. Most drivers are more than happy to accommodate guests with dogs, but it is always safe (and courteous) to call your driver to be on the safe side. If your driver is not comfortable with you bringing your dog in their car, cancel the ride and request a new one. If you are charged a cancellation fee, you can contact the company and they will reimburse the charge. 

Bringing Your Dog In A Taxi Or Ride-Share Car

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If your driver is OK with you bringing your dog, put your dog in a carrier if your dog is small enough. If your dog is a heavy shedder or gets muddy easily, consider bringing a towel to put on the floor of the car for your dog. Lyft, Uber, and taxi drivers all depend on their cars being clean and ready for other customers, so be sure to do everything in your power to keep your dog from making a mess.

Make sure your dog has time to go to the bathroom before getting in any sort of car service, as well. The last thing you want in an Uber or Lyft is a giant cleaning fee. If your dog does happen to make a mess or cause any damage – whether they are a service animal or a pet – you will still be responsible for the cleaning fee. 

Can Drivers Refuse Service Dogs?

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No driver, whether from a ride-sharing app or a taxi company, can legally refuse to allow your service dog in their car. Uber drivers can have their accounts deactivated if they refuse a service animal and are reported. The same goes for Lyft and all taxi companies. All drivers are required to welcome service animals into their vehicles, as it is federal law.

Pet-Specific Taxis

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There are companies that provide transportation for your dog when you cannot. Companies like 1-800-Pet-Taxi connect dog owners to local pet taxis that can bring your dog to the vet, the groomers, or doggy daycare. Many larger cities also have individual pet taxi services, like Chicago Pet Transport and Pet Taxi New York. If you live in a larger city, you can simply search for “Your City + Pet Taxi” and a host of pet taxi choices will pop up.

Do you travel in ride-shares or taxis with your dog? Have you ever had an issue? Join the conversation in the comments.

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