Maggie Clancy

    10 Things Your Dog Knows About You That No One Else Does

    Unless you are some sort of super human who has no qualms about what others think of you, you often act differently when you’re on your ow. There are very few people who get to experience the uncensored, glorious you in full form. Your dog, however, definitely has.

    by Maggie Clancy
    May 1st

    Should Pet Owners Get Time Off To Grieve The Loss Of A Pet?

    Some companies are starting to allow time off for grieving pet owners. Counselors agree that this is beneficial to both companies and employees. Unfortunately, the idea of time off for pet bereavement is still novel and there aren’t many larger companies that are following suit.

    by Maggie Clancy
    April 25th

    13 Essential Items To Have In Your Dog’s First-Aid Kit

    April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month, and it’s a perfect time to go over exactly what you should include in your dog’s first-aid kit. Even if you already have a first-aid kit, now might be a good time to make sure the supplies haven’t expired or run out.

    by Maggie Clancy
    March 28th

    Golden Retriever Puppies: Pictures And Facts

    If there is anything that can prove there’s at least an ounce of purity and good in this world, it’s a Golden Retriever puppy. Check out these pictures of adorable Golden Retriever puppies and learn facts to see if they’re right for your family!

    by Maggie Clancy
    March 18th

    Dachshund Puppies: Pictures And Facts

    Dachshunds never seem to slow down just because of their short stature. Even though Dachshund puppies are small and adorable they enough heart and spirit to match any of the big dogs. Here’s what you should know!

    by Maggie Clancy
    March 12th

    Goldendoodle Puppies: Pictures And Facts

    Thinking about adopting one of those adorable Goldendoodle puppies? Here are some of the cutest Goldendoodle puppy pictures around, plus everything you need to know about the Golden Retriever-Poodle crossbreed before you adopt!

    by Maggie Clancy
    March 4th
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