• Weimaraner Puppies: Pictures And FactsBefore you run out to a rescue or shelter to get your own shiny-coated pup, there are a lot of things to learn about Weimaraner puppies. These muscular, adorable dogs have a short but extremely detailed history, and they require some special care. 
  • Stay Safe! Salmonella Outbreak Linked To Raw Turkey Dog FoodsTurkey takes the spotlight in the most recent salmonella outbreak. The latest development ties raw turkey products, including pet food, to potential sources of infection. Here's what you should know about keeping your dog--and yourself--safe.
  • 25 Dogs With A Case Of Snowface [PICTURES]I posted a pic of my dog on Instagram with #snowface and found over 25,000 pictures--mostly of dogs--already shared on the site! Here are some of the cutest dogs with snowface on the internet!
  • The Salty Chihuahua Cocktail Recipe For Chi-Chi Lovers [VIDEO]February 24th is World Bartender Day, and we're celebrating with a delicious, doggy-inspired beverage--the Salty Chihuahua Cocktail. Try the Salty Chihuahua cocktail at your next party, and you’ll be yapping with delight.
  • Gold Souls, Gray Faces: 7 Tips For Flying With A Senior DogIf you must travel with your old dog by plane, make sure you and your dog are as prepared as possible, and start planning well in advance so you can be ready to meet your senior's needs while flying and have a safe trip.
  • The Pit Bull Cocktail Recipe For Pittie Lovers [VIDEO]February 24th is World Bartender Day, and we're celebrating with a delicious, doggy-inspired beverage--the Pit Bull Cocktail. Try the Pit Bull cocktail at your next party and you'll be howling with delight.
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