Dog Training

Haptic Dog Vest Speaks Volumes Between Pet And Owner

How do you get your dog to do something without saying a word? Scientists at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel may have the answer in the form of a vibrating haptic vest. They say it can help dogs who have audio or visual impairments, as well as many other dogs and people.

by Gel Galang
October 1st

Hug Your Hound Day: How To Teach Your Dog To Give Hugs

Hug Your Hound Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in September each year. In 2019, the holiday falls on September 8th, so get ready to give your dog a hug! But only if they enjoy it, of course. Here’s how you can teach your dog to give hugs and what you should consider before you begin.

by Mike Clark
August 22nd

7 Of The Most Stubborn, Challenging-To-Train Dog Breeds

There are some stubborn dog breeds who might just test the limits of your patience while you’re trying to train them. And it’s not because these specific dog breeds are slow or obtuse. Nope. In fact, quite the contrary–these dog breeds are highly intelligent.

by Jean Andrei
April 17th

Do Dog Whistles Work? What Are They For?

A dog whistle, known also as a silent or Galton’s whistle–after inventor Francis Galton–is a high-pitched whistle generally used for dog training. Here’s what you should know about dog whistles.

by Beth Meadows
January 24th
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