Dog Training

How To Use An Indoor Dog Toilet To Housetrain Your Pup

You can teach your puppy to use their indoor toilet in the same way you’ll teach them to go outside — keep them in their crate when you’re not with them, take them to their doggy toilet every two hours, and praise and reward them for using it. Here’s what you should know.

by DogTime
April 21st

The Best Night Time Housetraining Routine For Dogs

Luckily for humans, dogs and puppies don’t need to pee as often at night, so you don’t need to wake up every hour for a bathroom break. But you will want to follow a modified version of the usual housetraining routine to get your dog — and you — through the night.

by DogTime
April 9th

Do Dog Whistles Work? What Are They For?

A dog whistle, known also as a silent or Galton’s whistle — after inventor Francis Galton — is a high-pitched whistle generally used for dog training. The sound it emits is so high-pitched that humans can’t hear it, but dogs and other animals can. Here’s what you should know about dog whistles.

by Beth Meadows
February 23rd

How To Train Your Dog To Jog With You Safely

One of the most important considerations when you decide to take up running with your dog is safety, not just for you but for your canine too. Doing some training to ensure your dog understands basic cues will be essential for both of your safety.

by Robert Thomas
February 4th

8 Common Mistakes Pet Parents Make When Training Their Dogs

You’ve got a new furry addition to the family, and you can’t wait to start training your pup to do all kinds of tricks. But hold on before you jump into it. There are lots of mistakes that dog parents make when training their pups. Before you begin, make sure you know what not to do.

by Mike Clark
January 14th

Dog Training: The Trouble With Punishment

By definition, punishment is meant to be unpleasant. However, it’s extremely disturbing that this unpleasantness is overly frequent and overly extreme. Sadly, many uneducated trainers resort to punishment, which is really defeating the purpose of training to begin with.

by DogTime
January 11th

10 Top Rated, Classic Dog Training Books

Dogs don’t come with instruction manuals, but the best dog training books from famous trainers and authors can certainly help you figure out how to teach and bond with your pup. Here are ten of the best, top rated classic dog training books that can help you train your dog.

by DogTime
January 11th

7 Most Popular Dog Training Methods

There are so many popular dog training methods out there that it can be frustrating to find out which is which and what method is going to be best for both your dog and you as a pet parent. If you find it overwhelming and confusing, you’re not alone. Here are seven of the most popular dog training methods.

by Mike Clark
January 8th

10 Fun, Impressive Tricks You Can Teach Any Dog

Committing yourself to teaching your dog some tricks is a great New Year’s resolution, but it’s also a fun bonding experience for you and your dog throughout the year. Watch these videos to learn some simple techniques that make it possible for any dog to learn tricks.

by Sarah Greenwald
January 5th

10 Things Dog Parents Should Know About Potty Training

Potty training a dog can be a daunting task if you’ve never done it before, but dog parents can tell you quite a few things they’ve learned from experience. In fact, dogs are usually pretty quick learners, and housebreaking might not be as difficult as you think, so long as you follow some good advice.

by Mike Clark
January 4th

Housetraining Adult Dogs: Training Tips And Techniques

The good news is it’s fairly easy to teach an old dog this new trick. In fact, adult dogs are usually easier and faster to housetrain than puppies, especially if you use a crate. Follow these tips for housetraining adult dogs!

by DogTime
November 30th

Pet Parent Problems: ‘My Dog Bites When Startled! What Do I Do?’

Some dogs nip when they feel startled. While it may not be your dog’s fault that they bite in response to surprises, it is a behavior that you probably want to stop. Here are some steps you can take to reduce surprises for your dog and train them to react positively to unexpected approaches.

by DogTime
September 16th

How To Teach Your Dog To Greet People Politely At Home

Many of our dogs show high energy and affection when other people come to our doors. That enthusiasm can get a little overwhelming, especially when dogs jump up, scratch, or bark at visitors. By following a few steps, you may be able to teach your dog to greet people with good manners.

by DogTime
June 24th
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