Bulldog Won’t Give Up His Box Even To See Where He’s Going [VIDEO]

Diesel the English Bulldog has found a new favorite toy. It’s just a regular old box. But he’s not about to give it up easily, even if it means he can’t see where he’s going. The pooch can’t seem to follow his owner’s voice, and ends up smacking into the wall and walking in circles.

The pup stumbles off curbs and keeps wandering, smashing into parked cars, fences, trees, and pretty much everything he comes across. He probably couldn’t crash into more things if he actually could see and tried to hit whatever he could. His owners try to take the box away so he can finally see, but he’s not having it. In fact, he seems to speed up with even more false confidence.

Check out that confidence!

Eventually he comes to a stop, trapped between a wall and a potted plant, bringing his parking lot rampage to an end. We hope he got to keep his new favorite toy, but maybe with a couple of eye holes cut out of it so playtime is a little less dangerous.