8 Dogs Who Love Fish In Honor Of ‘Go Fishing Day’

Some dogs love fish. They love to watch them, chase them, catch them, or play with them. My dog always liked to jump off the pier after fish in his younger days, even though he lacked the stealth and patience to catch one. But today is Go Fishing Day, and we wanted to celebrate with some videos of dogs hanging out with fish. We hope you can bring your pup out on a fishing adventure today, too!

1. Crusoe On A Cruise

That cute Dachshund in his cute little fishing hat and jacket is Crusoe, and he loves watching his humans fish. He’s very excited to make friends with the catch of the day, even cheering his buddies on as they reel one in. Crusoe is happy to meet the scaly critter, then says goodbye as it’s released back into the wild.

2. Missy Doesn’t Miss

Missy the Jack Russell loves to fish, and she’s pretty good at it. She waits patiently while the fish take the bait, holding very still. Then she lunges. She mostly catches water and bread crumbs, but stick around to the end of the video when she manages to snatch some dinner. She didn’t even need a tackle box.

3. Fish Out Of Water

We’re not sure whether to laugh or cry at this video. The pups not sure why these fish aren’t flopping, but he knows they could use some water. The pooch uses his nose to splash desperately at these fish who are already prepared to go to market. Maybe he’s just trying to keep them fresh. Either way, he’s loving those fish.

4. Sami Loves A Lobster

Yes, we know a lobster is not a fish. But we couldn’t think of a better time to share this adorable video. Sami the German Shepherd isn’t a fan of what’s on the menu. She’s very protective of her new lobster buddy, hiding it and holding on to it with her paws. Although, she gives the clawed critter a little gnaw here and there, so maybe she just wants the meal all to herself.

5. Lady And The Trout

Okay, so it’s a bluegill, not a trout. But Lady the Labrador is a great fisher dog. She waits until the right moment, then grabs a keeper. The only problem is she has no idea what to do once she catches the fish.She finally brings it to her human, as if to say, “Here. I don’t know what to do with this, but you seem pretty excited about it.”

6. Fishing In A Flood

The pup in this video has a bit of an easy time catching fish, as they’re getting stuck on a flooded street. He casually wanders over to his stranded prey, then picks it up and wanders off like it was no big deal. He landed a lunker that’s bigger than many people will catch in their lifetime, and he didn’t even have to try.

7. Kyle And The Aquarium

Kyle loves watching the fish go by in the tank, and he just wants to get a little closer to them. Unfortunately, he can’t seem to get through the glass. The fish aren’t too keen on being friends with the pup, mostly just swimming along peacefully minding their own business. That doesn’t stop him from trying, though.

8. Sasha Smooches A Fish

Sasha and her new fish pal prove anyone can be friends. The Labrador Retriever gives the fish a kiss, then eats some chips and goes for a swim with it. The fish seems thrilled, too, coming back to say hello to the cute pup and swimming along next to her. These two are a Disney movie in the making.

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