Dog Won’t Fetch, But He Will Take A Hug

A video of a dog who refuses to play fetch is going viral this week. The pup’s human boy is desperate to teach him to chase down his ball.

The tiny human brings the toy to the dog, let’s him get a sniff, then gives it a toss. But when the stubborn pooch doesn’t go for it, he points and says, “Waah-oooh,” which probably means, “Go get it, boy!” in toddler-speak.

The pup still won’t budge, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less loved. The boy walks over and wraps his arms around the pooch in an adorable hug. Perhaps the pup was trying to teach his boy to play a game of the-floor-is-lava. Whatever the case, they’re still best buds at the end of the day.