Dachshund Runs Free, Thinks He’s A Baseball Player

The El Paso Chihuahuas, a AAA baseball team, took a break from their Saturday night game to host an adorable Wiener Dog Race on the field as they prepared for the next inning. The Dachshund pups stood behind their gates, then tore off as the doors opened. Most bolted for the finish line, but one Dachshund took a look at that wide open field and headed down the third base line.


The pup felt the unbridled joy of the wind in his fur, tongue hanging out of his grinning face as he zipped back and forth across the baseball diamond, leading humans in a great game of chase. He probably figured that since he was on the field with all the other players, he might as well join the team.

But all romps come to an end. Eventually the little pooch tired himself out, then rolled over for some belly rubs from the nearest human. He was raised like a hero to face his adoring fans as he made his grand exit from the stadium. Hopefully he’s getting some rest after having a chance to show the world what his stubby legs could do.