Top 10 Dog News Stories Of The Week: Guilty Dogs Are Back, Dog Gymnastics, War Buddies Reunited & More…

Pluto is a great dog, but you’re probably tired of him clogging up your news feed this week. We’ve got dog diversity for you with our weekly roundup of this week’s feel-good dog news stories. “Guilty Dog” makes a return, a football player acts like a pooch, and a watchful hound saves the US from an evil beetle. Here’s all the news that worth fetching.

1. Guilty Dog Is Back

You probably remember the guiltiest dog on the internet, Denver. Well she’s back in a new viral video this week. In this popular sequel, Denver is very unhappy about her ear medication, and her face shows her displeasure in no uncertain terms. The pup snorts and shows her chompers, letting the world know she’s still the same lovable sourpuss.

2. Swimming To A New Home

(Photo Credit: KOMO 4)

A dog in Washington swam, better than you can probably swim, through a half-mile wide channel with a punishing current. This tough pup was spotted by a boater who phoned animal control, and she was picked up on the other side. A veterinarian found a baseball-sized stone in her bladder, so you know this pooch is extra tough. Gigi, the dog, has since been adopted and loves living in a happy home.

3. Is It Real Bacon?

A New York class action lawsuit has been filed against Nestle Purina Petcare Co. claiming that their “Beggin’” products are falsely advertised as being primarily made of bacon when bacon is only tenth on their list of ingredients. We don’t think our dogs mind the difference. Then again, dogs will eat underwear, as evidenced by last week’s Doggone Roundup.

4. Amazing Gymnastics

Chai is a pointer proving a point; dogs flip for a good run. His human was trying to teach him how to jump, but the stubborn pooch takes the soft fence at full speed and does a complete flip before hitting the ground running. The pup seems unfazed by the ordeal, and zooms off like nothing happened.

5. Clever Boy

In a video that some have compared to the velociraptor scene from The Lost World: Jurassic Park, a pup named Alifie can be seen darting through a field of wheat, occasionally popping his head above the grains to make sure his owner is still in sight. The pooch couldn’t be more cute as he darts through the crops and peeks out like a whack-a-mole.

6. Football Player Heats Up

A football player for the Arizona Cardinals decided to show the world what it’s like to leave your pup in the car on a hot day. He was only able to last a few minutes before he needed to step outside and rehydrate. If a football player who trains in the sun can’t last, neither can a poor pooch. Don’t leave your best friend in the car.

7. Siblings Of A Different Sort

(Photo Credit: Humane Society Of North Texas)

Jack is a dog. Tuna is a potbellied pig. But they’re still best buddies. The odd couple were dropped off at the Humane Society of Texas, where they spent a lot of time getting to know each other. The two became so attached that they couldn’t be separated. Luckily, they’ve both been adopted to a forever home where they can stay besties forever.

8. Emeril Says “Bam” To Beetle

A young K9 agent made quite a find in some luggage at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport this week. He managed to sniff out the Khapra beetle in some undeclared food items in an international traveler’s luggage. The beetle is a notoriously destructive invasive species, so the pooch may have saved us all with his expert sniffer.

9. Doggy CPR Saves The Day And The Dog

(Photo Credit: YouTube)

A pooch at a Florida dog beach was having a great time when something went wrong. The pup began to struggle in the waves, and her owners went out to save her. When they brought her to the beach, she wasn’t breathing. One of the bystanders began to perform CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The fire department showed up, as onlookers waited to make sure the pup was okay. Eventually she came to and stood on her own feet, happy to be back with the humans who took care of her.

10. War Buddies At Peace

A marine was reunited with his partner, a bomb-sniffing dog named Rebel, that he served with in Afghanistan. Rebel was retired and living with a woman who couldn’t afford to take care of him anymore, so Rebel’s old war buddy took over and adopted him. The two are back together and able to comfort each other as they readjust to civilian life and deal with post-traumatic stress. They’re each other’s best therapist.

That’s it for this week’s dog news. If you see any stories that you want featured next week, let us know on Twitter by tweeting @dogtimedotcom and @MikeClarKent and you might see it in the Doggone Roundup!