Doge Presents The Shiba In-News [VIDEO]

You’ve probably seen the “doge” meme that surfaced a couple years ago that featured a Shiba Inu with odd syntax. Well a viral video from Japan features a similar Shiba bringing you the news. At least we think that’s what he’s doing. We don’t speak Japanese.

The adorable pup is looking quite dashing in his suit jacket and tie, though he doesn’t exactly maintain his professionalism throughout the broadcast. He falls asleep on the job, walks around on his desk, tries to eat his notes, and even seems to get in a fight with his own legs. Still, it’s not much worse than some human news broadcasts we’ve seen, and it’s a lot cuter.

There’s another pup behind the scenes showing the cue cards, and even he seems exasperated by the anchor’s antics. Despite the lack of decorum, we’d gladly watch this news program instead of the “real” news any day.