Healthy Treats for Dogs, Cats and Horses from Happy Tails Bakery

Pet Product Review – Healthy treats for dogs, cats and horses from Happy Tails Bakery

Happy Tails Bakery

HorseHappy Tails Bakery Holiday SamplerHappy Tails Bakery dog, cat & horse treats

Jan, a former vet tech and zookeeper, researched animal nutrition and developed treats for dogs, cats and horses that are superior to most commercial treats because of their wholesome, natural ingredients. For example, take a look at the ingredient list for her Krazy for Carrots dog treats: quick oats, pureed carrots, diced carrots, rice & soy flours, fine bulgur, whole egg, Brewer’s yeast, lecithin, kelp granules, bone meal and vitamin C. I must say, much healthier than the crackers that are currently sitting in front of me.


As you can see in the photo sequence above, asking Shakespeare to “sit” with a Happy Tails Krazy for Carrots treat within reach was just too much to ask. His “sit” would last about 2 seconds before he rapidly advanced on the state of Texas. The dogs absolutely love these treats and it really does make you feel good knowing that you’re giving them something healthy as well as tasty. Our daughter’s kitty, Zeus, gobbled up the Tuna Puffs quicker than you can say “albacore” three times fast. Great product, great gifts and fantastic stocking stuffers!

Secret Shopper pet product reviews Without question, Happy Tails Bakery treats earn the Secret Shopper’s Stocking Stuffer Seal of Approval!

Happy Tails Bakery treats come in a wide variety of flavors and holiday sampler baskets for dogs, cats and horses. Prices range from $1.99 to $12.99. Jan also creates custom recipes based on your pet’s specific dietary needs. Visit to view the full menu and to place your order in time for the holiday.

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