Dog City Bakery’s Tumbleweed Tacos, Round Up Pizzas and more!

Dog City Bakery

Delicious, nutritious and the cutest treats we’ve come across.I just couldn’t resist the photos oftiny tacos, petite pizzas and daintydogs. I just had to review them!

Millie's Maple Croissants Aside from being just plain adorable, these hand-crafted confections are made from all natural ingredients and our panel of canine criticslost their mindsover the taste.

“More, more, more!” The gangcommunicated theirdesires with hops, barks and long, soulful glancestoward thecookies,back to me, and then back to the cookies again. My very own troupe of tail-wagging thespians!

TheDog City Bakery menu also offersFido’s Farmhouse Fortune Cookies, Millie’s Maple Croissants, Gold Dust Powder Pet Supplementanda whole lotmore.The bakerywilleven customize theirtreat recipes to accommodate your pup’s dietary needs. Customer service that goes above and beyond, I’m impressed!

These delicaciesare a great way to say “I love you” to yourbest friend,ideal gifts for the dog-lovers in your life, andpawsitivelyperfect for puppyparty hors d’oeuvres.We love them!

Visit the Dog City Bakery website toviewtheir entire selection of canine confections andplace your order. Prices range from $3.50 to $15.

Look so good you want to eat them yourself? Then check-out their mouth-watering human cookies at Crumbles Cookie Factory. There goes the diet…again.

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