All Natural dog treats by Healthy Partner Pet Snacks

by Guest Blogger Lorie Smith

Healthy Partner Pet Snacks

I’m always on the hunt for for new treats for my two dogs Roxie and Stella. My biggest challenge is introducing new products into their diets because of their sensitive tummies. Recently I’ve been testing new all-natural treats with Roxie and Stella and introduced them to three varieties of Healthy Partner Pet Snacks: Turkey Strips, Barkin’ Bites, and Chicken Strips.

Roxie & Stella awaiting their reward! Before I had an opportunity to open each of the packages, both dogs went crazy! If you’re like me and use treats to reward your pet for following a command, then you’ll understand what happened next.

It typically takes a few moments for my dogs to calm down and respond to a request of sit or stay. However, as soon as I opened one of the Healthy Partner Pet Snacks, both dogs were seated and so focused on the treat in my hand that they would’ve done anything for this reward!

Stella - eager to do some more testing! When treat time was over, they were eye-balling the counter tops for the bags. This is most certainly the type of treat you want to conceal behind closed doors when you leave the room! The best part of the Healthy Partner Pet Snacks is that they’re priced reasonably for the quality and quantity.

What I liked:

  1. All-natural, not greasy or sticky
  2. No artificial ingredients (organic)
  3. Meat based, not grain based
  4. No post-treat indigestion issues
  5. Strips easily cut into smaller pieces and placed in pet enrichment toys – like a Kong.

What I Would Improve:

  1. For smaller dogs, all three varieties may be too large to consume as a one-bite treat.
  2. Smaller sized strips would allow little critters to enjoy with little effort!
  3. Like most pet jerky treats, the strips were a bit hard in texture. As a caution, if your pet is smaller, you may want to cut strips into two pieces so s/he doesn’t attempt to swallow whole.

Would I recommend them to other pet owners? You betcha!

You can purchase Health Partner Barkin’ Bites, Chicken Strips and Turkey Strips for $2.40 (2 oz bag) and $4.78 (4 oz bag) on the Healthy Partner Pet Snacks website.

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