Video Review | Freezy Pups Treats from

Video Review | Freezy Pups Treats from

Freezy Pups Treats

With temperatures in the 100’s, the animals and Ihave been seeking relief from the heat in any form we can,thus our excitement at the prospect of testingtheFreezy Pups Treats from ThinkGeek!

Freezy Pups Treats The Freezy Pups Kit comes with a bone-shaped ice cube tray and 4 packetsof organic flavored powder.Making the treats was a breeze, just addpowder from one flavor packet to 7 ounces of hot water, stir, pour into ice tray and freeze.

The stuff must smell and taste pretty darn good for Shakespeare to lap up the liquid straight from the tray (see video). Can’t turn my back on these hounds for a minute.

Shake wasjust asexuberant over the frozen bones but whileJoey devourshiscubes with a couple of chomps,Shakespeare prefers tosavor the flavor with several licks.

Each treat has only 4 calories and check-out thelist of ingredientsfor each flavoring:

White Cheddar: Organic cheddar cheese, organic non fat milk, organic whey, salt (just a pinch)

Juicy Apple: Organic freeze dried apple juice

Sweet Potato ‘n Maple: Organic sweet potato, organic maple

Chicken Soup: Organic chicken broth, organic carrot, salt (just a pinch)

Love ’em! The Freezy Pups Treats pass our test!

The dogs were so smitten with the treats thatour son Jeff thought he’d give one of thefrozen chicken-soup-sicles a try.See his reaction in our video review. LOL

You can purchase your own Freezy Pups Kit on the website for $19.99. Flavor refills sell for $8.99, contain 5 packets and come in the following flavors: chicken soup, cheddar cheese, juicy apple and sweet potato.

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