Product Review: Bow Wow Popcorn Roast Beef

Pet Product Review – Bow Wow Popcorn Roast Beef

Who doesn’t love popcorn? Everyone loves popcorn, especially when its flavored. That’s why when I saw Bow Wow Popcorn for sale at one of my favorite online pet stores, I thought great! My canine friends will love this.

At first I was disappointed when I opened the box and all there was 1 pack of microwavable popcorn. For $2.99 I was expecting a whole box or at least a big bag. I mean, even a pack of Orville is only $1.

Speed helped me out with this review. Well, you would have thought a 60 lb big, gorgeous Pitbull/Mastiff would have devoured the bag with ease. But, he was underwhelmed; barely picking at the popcorn. The roast beef flavor did not impress either. While he did enjoy nibbling on the beef flavored pops, he didn’t beg for more, as usual.

For the price….. stick with a treat the buttered version of the grocery human brand.

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