DogTime Review: Do Jinx ‘Meal Toppers’ Make Doggy Dinners More Delicious?

Leia, the excited taste tester

Leia, the excited taste tester (Photo credit: Amanda)

My dog Leia, ever my helpful sidekick, was very excited when Jinx reached out and asked her to review their brand-new Meal Toppers, which just hit the shelves last month.

The customer service could not have been better. They also wanted to offer Leia dental chews to try out, which I’m sure she would’ve loved the taste and texture of, but their team concluded the chews were just a bit too big for our itty-bitty, six-pound senior Maltipoo.

I greatly appreciated their care of my dog’s welfare; it made me even more excited to try their other products, as I knew that care would go into their food creation, too. It’s good to know when you’re shopping their brand, you can reach out for quick, thorough, personalized customer service!

So how did Leia like Jinx’s new Meal Toppers? Here’s her doggy review!

The Goods

Leia, boosting her Omega 3 intake and happiness, all at the same time

Leia, boosting her Omega 3 intake and happiness, all at the same time (Photo credit: Amanda)

As soon as I opened the box of Jinx products, Leia started wagging her tail. She loved the smell!

As a human, I’d say both flavors of Meal Toppers they sent — chicken and salmon — smelled exactly as they were described, and pretty intensely, which makes sense, as the bags are designed to let you sprinkle the toppers onto your dog’s normal wet or dry food.

It reminded me of salad toppers for humans, like croutons or bacon bits — bursts of flavor on top of the bulk of your dish.


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Unlike humans’ salad toppers, though, these are extremely nutritious. Jinx’s development advisors include two veterinarians and one pet nutritionist, and the products underwent rigorous testing by a range of breeds — sounds like a sweet gig for a dog! — to optimize their products.

Here are the brand’s guiding nutritional principles:

  • Real Animal Protein: Organic chicken or salmon is the #1 ingredient
  • Natural Superfoods: 20+ superfoods for added nutrients
  • Patented Probiotics: 60M+ Microorganisms for better gut health
  • Nothing Bad: No fillers, artificials, or preservatives

These all-natural Meal Toppers, and all Jinx products, were manufactured in the USA. They have been freeze-dried, to preserve maximum nutrients, and they do not need to be refrigerated.

The chicken variety boosts Omega 6 with calcium and phosphorus supporting healthy bones and teeth, and the salmon variety boosts Omega 3, promoting healthy weight, skin, and coat.

The Verdict

a scoop of jinx salmon meal topper

(Picture Credit: Amanda)

These Meal Toppers could not be easier to use. It’s great they don’t require refrigeration, and the amount to use is printed right on the bag — 1/2 teaspoon, adjustable as desired.

These are appropriate for dogs of all ages, but, as always, ask your vet if you have any questions about your dog’s diet.

The Meal Toppers are a nice treat for either picky eaters or doggos who are just being very good. Our pup falls into both categories, and I was pleased that she not only loved both flavors, but also that using them did not cause her to turn her (perfect) nose up at her usual food.

Though the Meal Toppers went into her normal food bowl, she understood that they’re treats, not for everyday use; though, I don’t see why you couldn’t use these every day — you can ask your vet for guidance.

This hasn’t always been the case when changing up the food that goes into her everyday food bowl. Whenever she gets chicken and rice for an upset tummy or moist food post-dental procedures, she usually has a bit of a hunger strike for a while when we try to transition her back to her normal, dry food.

It was also interesting to see her gobble up her dinner each time I gave her the Meal Toppers of both varieties. She’s usually a more measured eater, eating some when it dispenses, saving some for later, or sometimes not finishing it all.

Giving Back


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Another aspect just as palatable as the flavors is the pricing. Not only are these items affordable, at just $10 per bag — $6 if you subscribe — but they are 100 percent refundable if you or your dog are not satisfied — an unlikely prospect!

Best of all, one percent of each purchase goes back to charity. They’ve worked to identify charities that help dogs, and you can even choose where you want your purchase’s donation to go:

Giving back and helping dogs everywhere get access to the nutrition they need to thrive is a key part of why Jinx exists. From the beginning, we’ve been working with several Los Angeles based rescue organizations to donate food to shelter dogs in need. Additionally, we’ve partnered with Beam to help dogs outside of our hometown, giving our customers the opportunity to help us give back to rescues around the country. One percent of every purchase goes to shelter dogs in need. Customers have the opportunity to designate where the donation from their purchase goes by selecting a rescue in cart before checkout.

Why Jinx Created Meal Toppers

With Jinx's "Salmon on Top," Leia's kibble was gone in a flash.

With Jinx’s “Salmon on Top,” Leia’s kibble was gone in a flash. (Photo credit: Amanda)

To me, it’s always fascinating to hear why someone developed a product, especially when it’s nutrition or wellness-oriented.

Terri Rockovich, Co-Founder & CEO of Jinx, says:

Introducing Meal Toppers and Dental Chews to our superfood portfolio felt like the natural next step to help us achieve our goal of becoming an all-encompassing dog wellness brand, rooted in nutrition, that helps modern dogs live their best lives… Both Toppers and Dental Chews are delicious and nutritious options that elevate mealtime and enhance post-mealtime rituals.

Says Jinx: “The Jinx Salmon On Top and Chicken On Top Flavor Boosting Meal Toppers were created with the goal of helping pups everywhere enjoy mealtime even more by bringing variety to their meals, and making sure that even the pickiest dogs get the balanced nutrition they need. ”

Dental Chews


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Though Leia was too small to try Jinx’s dental chews, they do sound wonderful for dogs of the right size. Again, do not hesitate to contact their wonderful customer service team with questions.

Here’s what Jinx has to say about their dental chews:

“Jinx Dental Chews are the first functional chews on the market made with only four ingredients: sweet potato, chicken, honey, and peppermint oil. Inspired by the need to offer a limited ingredient dental chew free of fillers and preservatives making it easier than ever to care for your dog’s dental needs, chews provide daily oral maintenance and can be consumed daily due to limited ingredients and lower calorie content.”

Jinx All Smiles Limited Ingredient Dental Chews come in two sizes:

  • Regular Size for dogs 10 to 25 pounds
  • Large Size for dogs 25 to 75 pounds

A Doggone Delicious Experience

Leia helping with the meal topper

Leia helping with the Meal Topper (Photo credit: Amanda)

Leia really enjoyed trying out this new brand and meal experience, and I really enjoyed watching her. I felt great giving it to her, knowing it was not just tasty, but also a nutritional boost, like a vitamin! I will definitely be purchasing more of these once we run out.

To purchase Jinx products, visit their website.

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Has your dog ever tried Jinx Meal Toppers? What did they think? Let us know in the comments below!