Amanda K. Fowler

    Living With Muscular Dystrophy & A Service Dog: Meet Corporate Accessibility Lawyer Kevin Fritz & His Dog, Piper

    We pet parents love our dogs, and we couldn’t imagine life without them. But some people rely on their animals for more than just love and companionship. Service dogs are different from pets, therapy animals, and even emotional support animals. They provide specific services to persons with disabilities or medical conditions, and they accompany their […]

    by Amanda K. Fowler
    October 9th

    Can Dogs Eat Bread? Is Bread Safe For Dogs?

    Ah, bread — a treat as tempting to the olfactory senses as to the taste buds, and as tempting to dogs as it is to humans. So, can dogs eat bread? The short answer is maybe; it depends what’s in that slice. Here’s what you should know.

    by Amanda K. Fowler
    August 11th
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