DogTime Review: Can The ‘PetFusion Calming Cuddler Dog Bed’ Help My Senior Dog Sleep & Play?

Leia is ready to try some treats!

Leia is ready to try a new bed! (Picture Credit: Amanda)

When Cosmic Pet reached out to DogTime to ask if anyone would like to review some products for them, my Maltipoo, Leia, eagerly raised her paw. With that superpower canine nose, Leia can smell quality from miles away.

Cosmic Pet, LLC is the master brand of several subsidiaries, which all have slightly different specialties, from organic pet treats, to ergonomically designed stairs, to ingenious puzzle toys. The Calming Cuddler Dog Bed from PetFusion seemed perfectly snuggly for my sweet senior dog!

Leia couldn’t wait to cuddle up in her comfy new bed. Here’s how it went!

Helpful Customer Service

"I think I'll just spend the next few days right here."

“I think I’ll just spend the next few days right here.” (Photo credit: Amanda)

First of all, the customer service for these brands is outstanding. I was overwhelmed by the amount of options they offer, and it was hard to pick what would be best for Leia. So I asked for guidance, and I told them about Leia.

Once they knew a bit more about my six-pound, twelve-year-old Maltipoo, Cosmic Pet tailored a list of suggestions from their brands for Leia, which fit her personality, preferences, age, size, and breed perfectly. I really appreciated their attention to detail and genuine care for my darling girl.

The shipping process was very quick, and most of their items are available through Amazon Prime, which adds that extra layer of instant gratification with quick shipping and reassurance that, if you accidentally ordered a different item than you meant to, you could easily ship it back.

The items were securely protected in their boxes, too; it was nice they take the time to ensure your products will arrive in tip-top shape.

The packaging for the Calming Cuddler Dog Bed was particularly ingenious, folded and zipped into several manageable components that quickly popped into shape with no creases; more on that below.

What Is The PetFusion Calming Cuddler Dog Bed?

PetFusion Calming Cuddler Bed

PetFusion Calming Cuddler Bed (photo credit: Amanda)

The Calming Cuddler Dog Bed caught my eye right away; I had never seen something like this before.

Though Leia thankfully leaves our garden and our furniture alone, I have noticed that sometimes, she digs rather doggedly — pun intended — at the various beds we have around the house for her. She usually goes to her beds to rest, but sometimes, she’s got major excavation plans, and a ferocious digging venture ensues.

It’s hard to tell, but it does seem sometimes this digging is borne from frustration, anxiety, or excess energy. Obviously, she knows she’s not going to unearth anything, and she doesn’t even really damage her beds too much, though this may be because of how small she is.

It’s not a behavior she ever does outside either. Basically, it’s not a productive digging behavior, but more of an energy-release habit.

When I saw this bed that was designed for both digging and calming, I thought that would be a perfect combination for our little girl!

Look at all this cuddly, plush fabric! They certainly didn't skimp on the ultimate luxury experience in creating this bed.

Look at all this cuddly, plush fabric! They certainly didn’t skimp on the ultimate luxury experience in creating this bed. (Photo credit: Amanda)

As you can see, there is an excess of plush fabric on the top, designed to enable your dog’s digging and burrowing to their heart’s content.

The soft fabric also nestles beautifully around your dog, swaddling them into a comfy cuddle. The higher, cushioned sides are a wonderful built-in pillow option for your dog to rest their head upon.

The PetFusion Calming Cuddler Dog Bed is easy to assemble and disassemble.

The PetFusion Calming Cuddler Dog Bed is easy to assemble and disassemble. (Picture Credit: Amanda)

From pictures, I was worried that maybe this would be hard to wash. However, when I unpacked the box, I was happy to see the bed is easy to assemble and disassemble for easy washing.

Thick mattress pad provides cushy support for a luxurious experience.

Thick mattress pad provides cushy support for a luxurious experience. (Photo credit: Amanda)

The plush fabric and very cushy, supportive foam made me want to curl up on the bed, myself!

Testing It Out

"Dis mine now."

“Dis mine now.” (Photo credit: Amanda)

It took Leia no time at all to claim this bed as her own, after I replaced the flat bed in its place with this one. I didn’t have to introduce it to her with the word “bed” or anything. I offered one tiny treat, which she ran past in her leap onto the bed.

"Ooh, all this sumptuous soft fabric..."

“Ooh, all this sumptuous soft fabric…” (Photo credit: Amanda)

She took a few moments to evaluate the dimensions of the bed, so different than any she’d ever seen.

Work It Out

"I may act like a puppy, but I appreciate the supportive pillow sides for my senior neck."

“I may act like a puppy, but I appreciate the supportive pillow sides for my senior neck.” (Photo credit: Amanda)

While I was glad Leia enjoyed luxuriating in the bed’s comfy features, I was really looking forward to seeing how her bed-digging behavior would work with the bed.

It took about a day with the bed before Leia tested it out in this way. It’s not a constant behavior, but she does seem to have a session of it about once a day. In fact, she’s doing it right now, as I write this. Watch her in the video below!

Leia seems to find digging this bed very satisfying. Her digging sessions are more intense and longer. They’re not destructive. She’s not ripping at it or biting it; she’s just digging around.

Dig, dig, dig.

Dig, dig, dig. (Photo credit, Amanda)

She was digging so intently, so quickly, that all my photos of her were blurry, which is cute, in and of itself.

The longest I’ve seen Leia digging this bed has been about three minutes straight. Formerly, it might be about 30 seconds with other beds. She gets completely tuckered out with this bed and lies down immediately afterwards to recharge after all that hard work.

Digging out that excess energy.

Digging out that excess energy. (Photo credit: Amanda)

I love that this bed is also providing a source of exercise for Leia, especially when weather is inclement or when I’m too busy to give her a walk at that very moment. This was a surprise; I didn’t expect her to get such a workout from this bed, which also provides the opposite — a calming, restful, comfortable experience.

I also think this bed is a great idea for dogs who experience anxiety, as digging can be an anxious behavior, and it looks so satisfying to be able to scrunch that top blanket up without destroying it, unlike typical beds that can’t hold up to that wear and tear.

The Verdict

Leia is delighted with the PetFusion Calming Cuddler Dog Bed.

Leia is delighted with the PetFusion Calming Cuddler Dog Bed. (Picture Credit: Amanda)

I absolutely love this bed for Leia. My mom astutely observed, “This is a toy for her,” as Leia doesn’t usually play with other toys, but certainly engaged with this bed with high energy, and low energy for snoozing, alike.

The bed comes in two sizes on Amazon, “small” and “medium.” I chose “small” for Leia, but there’s plenty of extra room in this bed for even a bigger dog. The size chart, Q&A, and reviews on the listing are helpful, but if you need further guidance, don’t hesitate to email customer support for their company.

Leia and I highly recommend this bed! My only regret is that we didn’t discover it sooner, both for fun and rest.

To purchase this bed for yourself, you can find it on Amazon here.

Has your dog ever tried a bed that lets them dig around? Do you think your dog would like the Calming Cuddler Dog Bed from PetFusion? Let us know in the comments below!