DogTime Review: Will ‘Pet Craft Supply Co.’ Dehydrated Salmon Treats Be My Dog’s New Favorite Snack?

Leia is ready to try some treats!

Leia is ready to try some treats! (Picture Credit: Amanda)

When Cosmic Pet reached out to DogTime to ask if anyone would like to review some products for them, my Maltipoo, Leia, eagerly raised her paw. With that superpower canine nose, Leia can smell quality from miles away.

Cosmic Pet, LLC is the master brand of several subsidiaries, which all have slightly different specialties, from organic pet treats, to ergonomically designed stairs, to ingenious puzzle toys. The Dehydrated Salmon Treats from Pet Craft Supply Co. seemed to call out to Leia very quickly!

We couldn’t wait to test them out for ourselves. Here’s how it went!

Helpful Customer Service


(Picture Credit: Amanda)

First of all, the customer service for these brands is outstanding. I was overwhelmed by the amount of options they offer, and it was hard to pick what would be best for Leia. So I asked for guidance, and I told them about Leia.

Once they knew a bit more about my six-pound, twelve-year-old Maltipoo, Cosmic Pet tailored a list of suggestions from their brands for Leia, which fit her personality, preferences, age, size, and breed perfectly. I really appreciated their attention to detail and genuine care for my darling girl.

The shipping process was very quick, and most of their items are available through Amazon Prime, which adds that extra layer of instant gratification with quick shipping and reassurance that, if you accidentally ordered a different item than you meant to, you could easily ship it back.

The items were securely protected in their boxes, too; it was nice they take the time to ensure your products will arrive in tip-top shape.

What’s In The Bag Of Dehydrated Salmon Treats?

Pet Craft Dehydrated Salmon Treats

(Picture Credit: Amanda)

I knew Leia was going to love these treats. I’ve discovered, over the years, that she seems to get more excited for salmon-based treats than any other kind.

Nice-sized pieces

(Picture Credit: Amanda)

The fact that this was the shortest ingredient list possible, with only one item, made me even more sure she would love these. They’re the purest treats Leia has ever had, made from human-grade Pacific wild salmon, sourced from and processed in Canada. Where better to get wild salmon?

Leia is happy to be called upon to help. Service with a smile!

Leia is happy to be called upon to help. Service with a smile! (Picture Credit: Amanda)

Best of all, I felt great about giving these to Leia. Salmon is high in protein and Omega 3, an essential fatty acid for all dogs, but especially beneficial to seniors.

The freeze-drying process locks in the nutrients and flavor when the fish is at its prime, so I knew this would be a tasty, nutritious experience for Leia.

Testing Out Delicious Treats

Mesmerized in wonder

Mesmerized in wonder (Picture Credit: Amanda)

When I opened the bag, I was delighted to see that the pieces were nice and big, even though they’d been shipped. Again, the packaging protected the product nicely.

Okay, enough pictures, Mom! Can I have it now, please?

Okay, enough pictures, Mom! Can I have it now, please? (Photo credit: Amanda)

While the product is one-size-fits all, it was great to see they have a guide on how many pieces to give per day to your dog, with Leia fitting squarely in the extra-small category (aww), she is allowed to get one piece per day, even if she tries to fluff up her coat to appear qualified to receive more.

Leia’s Verdict

Nom nom

Nom nom! (Picture Credit: Amanda)

Leia LOVED these treats, and she continues to be as excited for them every time she gets one. She scampers up to it, picks it up, and carries it off somewhere to enjoy it, uninterrupted by her Paparazzi mom…

"Can't a girl enjoy a treat in peace?" Sorry, no.

“Can’t a girl enjoy a treat in peace?” Sorry, no. (Picture Credit: Amanda)

…or so she hopes. You really shouldn’t be surprised by now, Leia!

I noticed the treats take longer to eat than I expected, which is actually great. They have a lot of chew to them, once the dog’s saliva moistens it, which is nice because it makes the treat last longer and extends that savoring experience.

It’s not a sticky chewiness, like taffy. There’s no sticky residue on her mouth or paws afterwards. Nor is it a teeth-challenging chewiness, like stale gum. It makes sense that the slight re-hydrating of something dehydrated would cause this effect.

Fun to chew

Fun to chew (Picture Credit: Amanda)

We like to pair treats with training for Leia to keep her mind sharp and add an element of fun for her. These salmon treats are what we used to teach Leia how to use her brand-new PetFusion stairs, which you’ll read about in a separate post soon!

New skills achieved in no time flat with these treats for training

New skills achieved in no time flat with these treats for training! (Picture Credit: Amanda)

They worked like a charm. Note the blurry photo from the record speed with which she ascended the stairs.

Get Some & Make Your Dog Happy!

Leia licking her chops

(Picture Credit: Amanda)

This definitely ranks as Leia’s favorite treat ever. She loves the taste, and I love the nutrients!

If you’d like your dog to be as happy as Leia, you can order these treats on Amazon or from the manufacturer’s website.

Has your dog tried these Dehydrated Salmon Treats from Pet Craft Supply Co.? What’s your dog’s favorite flavor of treats? Let us know in the comments below!