Socialization is key

Attending obedience classes with a professional training instructor will not only give you the tools you will need during the training process, it will provide a time for your dog to socialize with the other dogs in the class. Socializing is a very important activity and can help to bring a blind dog out of her shell.

Getting your blind dog out of the house and around other dogs can help build his confidence.

The opportunity to interact with other dogs has been beneficial – and fun – for the blind pups in some of Dawn Rehus’s training classes. “I will say most dogs I have in class love playing with other dogs after they have been properly introduced,” the certified pet training instructor says. “Lilly, my little blind Poodle, loved playing with the other puppies in class after she was able to meet them all one at a time.”

Getting your dog up and out of the house can help increase his confidence, too. Exposure to different sounds, smells, people, and dogs will teach him how to tackle new experiences without sight, and knowing that you are right there beside him will let the dog know that he doesn’t need to be afraid.

“I think it’s crucial to socialize blind dogs as much as possible,” Karen Belfi, president of the Blind Dog Rescue Alliance, says. “We take our blind dogs into the city, with lots of sounds and smells, to get them used to anything.”

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