Dog Training

How To Keep Your Dog From Ruining Your Sex Life

Whether it’s with a room clearing fart, crying and pawing at a closed bedroom door, or jumping up on the bed during the act, dogs have a unique talent for making sexy time anything but. Here are some common doggy issues that can kill your sex life–and how to fix them!

by Maggie Clancy
June 12th

5 Fun Dog Activities For A Rainy Day

Now that spring is here and April is bringing its showers, your pup could probably use some fun indoor activities to fight the boredom. Fortunately, there a few things you can do inside on a rainy day that may keep your dog mentally and physically in shape!

by DogTime
April 8th

January Is National Train Your Dog Month

This January is National Train Your Dog Month, so make a New Year’s Resolution to learn something new with your four-legged friend. Your pup will appreciate it all year long!

by DogTime
January 15th

Dog Training: The Trouble With Punishment

Training is meant to be a positive bonding experience between humans and their pooches. Sadly, many uneducated trainers resort to punishment, which defeats the purpose of training.

by DogTime
January 10th

Dog Training: Walking On-Leash

Dogs aren’t born knowing how to walk on leash. It takes training! Check out what master trainer Ian Dunbar has to say about teaching your dog good leash manners.

by Ian and Kelly Dunbar
January 2nd

Keep Your Dog Mentally And Physically Fit

In order to be well-adjusted pets, dogs need both mental and physical stimulation on a daily basis. The desire to “keep busy” is deeply ingrained in the majority of dogs.

by DogTime
August 8th, 2018

New Dog? No Worries!

You wonder if you did the right thing getting a dog–particularly this dog? Troubleshooting advice for new dog owners.

by DogTime
March 27th, 2018

Top 10 Tricks Kids Can Teach Dogs

Teaching dogs isn’t just for adults; here are 10 tricks and commands that children eight years and older can teach four-legged canines family members (with adult supervision).

by Michele C. Hollow
April 18th, 2017

Back To School…For Your Dog

Fall means back to school for kids and that’s a perfect time for you to spend some quality time with you pup and teach him or her some new tricks and basic commands.

by Mary Crosbie
August 16th, 2016
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