Puppy Socialization: How To Raise A Friendly Dog

Do you want a dog who’s friendly and trustworthy around both people and other dogs? How you care for your canine–and socialization training in particular–plays a big role in how they respond to people and other pooches, especially if you’ve adopted a puppy.

by DogTime
May 14th
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5 Great Low-Calorie Training Treats For Dogs Learning On A Diet

Pet parents often use tasty, rewarding treats to train their dogs, but that can cause problems if you’re working with a dog who’s already above their ideal weight. Thankfully, low-calorie treats can give you viable, healthier alternatives for rewarding your dog while keeping their weight under control.

by Phillip Mlynar
April 27th

Do Dog Whistles Work? What Are They For?

A dog whistle, known also as a silent or Galton’s whistle–after inventor Francis Galton–is a high-pitched whistle generally used for dog training. The sound it emits is so high-pitched that humans can’t hear it, but dogs and other animals can. Here’s what you should know about dog whistles.

by Beth Meadows
January 24th

8 Common Mistakes Owners Make When Training Their Dogs

You’ve got a new furry addition to the family, and you can’t wait to start training your pup to do all kinds of tricks. But hold on before you jump into it. There are lots of mistakes that dog owners make when training their pups. Before you begin, make sure you know what not to do.

by Mike Clark
January 7th

7 Most Popular Dog Training Methods

There are so many popular dog training methods out there that it can be frustrating to find out which is which and what method is going to be best for both your dog and you as an owner. If you find it overwhelming and confusing, you’re not alone. Here are seven of the most popular dog training methods.

by Mike Clark
January 6th

10 Ways Your Dog Can Help You Lose Weight In Winter

Just because you’re stuck indoors doesn’t mean you have to pack on pounds as you and your dog hibernate for the season. You can still stay fit, lose weight, and stick to your New Year’s resolution with these ten workouts that will let your pup help you get in shape while you’re inside where it’s warm.

by Mike Clark
December 13th

Hug Your Hound Day: How To Teach Your Dog To Give Hugs

Hug Your Hound Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in September each year. In 2019, the holiday falls on September 8th, so get ready to give your dog a hug! But only if they enjoy it, of course. Here’s how you can teach your dog to give hugs and what you should consider before you begin.

by Mike Clark
August 22nd

How Dog Training Can Help Your Marriage

Professional dog training is like family therapy — it’s better to get help before you need it. Training your dog as a team can help strengthen your relationship with your human partner and your dog before it’s too late.

by Heather Marcoux
July 5th, 2018

Cesar Millan: Who Is “The Dog Whisperer?”

Cesar Millan is a dog behaviorist, television star, best-selling author, and advocate for animal shelters, but his training methods are often deemed cruel and unnecessary. Here’s what you should know.

by DogTime
August 1st, 2012

The Dog-Wolf Link and Dominance Training

By Katarina Behan, for Pet News and ViewsIf you own a dog you may have been told that your dog is a wolf in dogs’ clothing, and that your dog is always watching you for signs of weakness so that he can elevate himself to the position of top dog – or alpha. The trend […]

by DogTime
August 12th, 2011
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