Hope For Paws: Dog With Broken Leg Outruns Everyone [VIDEO]

A Good Samaritan phoned Hope For Paws to let them know that a car hit a stray dog, and the pup was limping around their neighborhood.

Rescuers Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte  hurried over to offer this poor pooch some help.

(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

The dog was resting in some grass, and the rescuers were about to secure him with a portable gate.

Unfortunately, he sensed something was going on, and he got spooked and ran down the block.

Loreta approached him with some food. He calmed down and was just starting to trust her. Even allowing her to pet him.

Trust Comes Slowly

(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

Some dogs are more trusting with females. I noticed that with one of my rescue dogs. It took her about a year to begin to feel comfortable around men. 

Loreta was making great progress when a loud noise startled the injured dog, and he took off running again.

On three legs, this poor little dog outran everyone.

The Pup Can Run

(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

The rescuers were so desperate to get the dog some medical care. Some dogs just don’t know when people are trying to help them.

He’s probably had some people feed him and some people abuse him. He had no way of knowing what a person’s intentions were or who he could trust. In his little doggy mind, he was running for his life.

After 45 minutes of searching, they finally located his hiding spot.

Earning Trust All Over Again

(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

Again, Loreta approached him and was able to gain the pooch’s trust with some food bribes.

(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

At the risk of the dog biting her, she grabbed him by the scruff and managed to loop a leash around his neck. Handling strays can be very dangerous. They could have rabies, and they could bite.

Loreta did an amazing job handling the dog and getting him to the car.

He got a new name, Echo, and was about to begin a whole new journey.

First thing he had to do was see the vet to find out the severity of his injury.

A Vet Visit And Some Love Makes For A Happy Tri-Pawed

(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

At the vet they learned just how bad his break was. His leg was crushed severely. He was going to require an amputation.

Fortunately, this little dog has no problem getting around on 3 legs.

(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

Echo is doing great! He is just starting to heal physically and learn to trust humans.

If you are interested in adopting Echo or another dog in need of a family, please visit The LoveJoy Foundation.

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