Tough Biker Sees An Abused Dog On The Side Of The Road And Rides Home With Him

Brandon Turnbow is a singer and songwriter who loves the open road. He’s a biker who feels at home riding his motorcycle on the highways. But this tough biker guy has a soft spot when it comes to abused animals. That’s why he had to act when he saw a dog in need as he was riding one day.

Turnbow rode past a blue SUV that was parked on the side of the road. He noticed that the driver seemed to be hitting something. Then, the door opened and Turnbow saw a small white dog being thrown from the car and onto his back in a ditch. The biker immediately turned around to help the poor pup. The dog was standing next to the highway, and Turnbow was afraid he might bolt into traffic. So he got off of his bike and knelt beside the pup. The poor pooch was shaking and convulsing from the abuse, so Turnbow took it slow and let him approach on his own. The dog must have sensed that Turnbow meant no harm, and he snuggled up into the biker’s arms. Turnbow picked him up and put him on the bike seat.

Well looks like my Co pilot has found peace. His belly is full and he found the pillow.

Posted by Brandon Turnbow on Sunday, February 14, 2016

From that day forward, the pup’s name was Mr. Davidson, since Turbow already had a family dog named Harley, and he’s living in his new forever home. He’s glad to ride co-pilot in Turnbow’s motorcycle, and he’s even inspired his new dad to write a song about their meeting. Mr. Davidson is happy in his new life, especially now that he’s got a big, loving dad who’ll never let anyone hurt him again.

Would you help if you saw an abused dog on the side of the road? Are you glad Mr. Davidson has a new home with his biker dad? Let us know in the comments below!

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