Little dog saved by bikers on a busy highway

Tense moments as a small dog jumps out of the window of a moving car. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Tense moments on a highway in Brazil.

According to the video description this small dog jumped out of a moving car on a busy highway. What happened next was not what you might expect. A group of passing bikers stopped all the traffic and made it their mission to catch the scared little dog and make sure that he was returned to his terrified owner.

It’s not smart to stop traffic for any reason, and in many places it’s against the law to do what these bikers did, but it sure is heartwarming to see these men running around to help this little guy. I’m glad that nobody was hurt and no traffic accidents were caused. It makes a strong argument for pet safety seat belts, which could have prevented a crisis like this from ever happening.

Wag of the tail to Buzzfeed Animals.