Mama Greyhound With A Broken Leg Leads Vets On Two-Mile Walk To Her Puppies

When a Greyhound dog with a broken leg limped into a market in Vera, Spain, a concerned citizen picked her up right away and brought her to a vet for treatment. The emaciated pup was likely dumped by hunters, and the fact that she was producing milk and bleeding from the backside led vets to believe she had probably given birth very recently.

The vets named the dog Vera after the town where she was found, and they knew they had to locate her puppies. So, after treating Vera’s leg, they brought her back to the market where she first appeared.

They let Vera guide them on-leash on a walk for about two miles over roads and through fields before they arrived at an abandoned car. Vera definitely knew where she was going.

Inside the car were ten healthy puppies. Vera had miraculously taken care of them by herself and, while she was injured, managed to lead people she trusted to her babies, even though she had only met the vets about an hour before.


(Picture Credit: Facebook – Clinivet Turre Clinica Veterinaria)

The proud mama dog and her puppies are being cared for at Clinivet Turre and, when they are ready, will find homes with the help of Ibizan Hound Rescue, a non-profit rescue group.

Are you happy to see Vera and her puppies getting the care they need? Are you amazed that Vera was able to trust the vets and bring them back to her puppies? Let us know in the comments below!

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