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10 Reasons To Invite Dogs Over for Thanksgiving [VIDEO]

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Make sure you set your table, cook the turkey, and leave a dog-safe plate out for your best friend–your pooch! Watch this video for the top ten reasons why you need to make sure your pup has a place with your family this Thanksgiving.

by Meleva Steiert
November 14th

10 Dogs Who Love Tricks And Treats For Halloween [VIDEOS]

Halloween is lurking around the corner like a vampire in the night. It’s one of the most fun holidays on the calendar, and it’s full of tricks and treats and all kinds of spooky surprises. But all that fun isn’t just for the humans. Our doggy pals want in on the yearly monster mash, too.

by Mike Clark
October 31st

6 Dogs Who Found Funny Ways To Overcome Their Fears [VIDEOS]

We can learn a lot from our pups about love, loyalty, and facing our fears. Dogs have phobias just like humans, but sometimes they can summon the courage to deal with what they’re afraid of. Here are a few pups who found creative and funny ways to be brave in the face of fear.

by Mike Clark
October 17th

7 Videos Of Pit Bulls Being Cute, Funny, And Awesome

Most Pit Bull owners can tell you that these pups are so full of love, and with the right training, they’re capable of just about anything. We’ve found some of our favorite videos of Pit Bulls that show just how adorable, sweet, and amazing these dogs are!

by Mike Clark
October 7th

Dog Grooming: How To Treat Matted Fur [VIDEOS]

Matted fur, when left unattended, can actually become painful for dogs. It pulls at the skin, and it can also harbor bacteria and pests, leading to infections and infestations. Here are some basic video tutorials for de-matting your dog’s coat.

by Beth Meadows
September 27th

10 Dogs Ready To Jump Into The Fall Season [VIDEOS]

The smell of pumpkin spice lattes, the change in the color of the leaves, sweater weather–it can only mean one thing: it’s officially fall! In honor of the season, here are ten dogs who cannot get enough of one of the best things about fall–jumping in piles of leaves!

by Sarah Greenwald
September 20th

The 9 Greatest Famous Dogs Of The ’90s

The internet loves the ’90s. The internet also loves dogs. It’s not exactly rocket science that the two should be combined. Whether you’re a ’90s kid looking for a nostalgia kick or just a fan of the decade, these dogs will fetch the pre-millennium era vibes for you.

by Maggie Clancy
September 4th

10 Huge Dog Breeds That Just Give You More To Love

Some dogs just aren’t built for apartment life. Their size makes these mostly gentle giants crave the open space of the good old outdoors. Here are some of the huge dog breeds that tower over the rest and just give you more to love.

by Mike Clark
August 8th

6 Dogs Playing With The Most Unusual Toys [VIDEOS]

Sometimes you’ll find your dog playing with the most interesting things they can get their paws on. Our beloved pups will always find ways to entertain themselves. Check out these six hilarious dogs who found entertainment value in some uncommon things.

by Jean Andrei
July 2nd

5 Reasons Bulldogs Are Awesome [VIDEOS]

Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world, and it’s easy to see why. There’s no mistaking a Bulldog for any other breed, and Bulldog lovers wouldn’t have it any other way. Here’s why they’re so awesome!

by Mike Clark
June 21st
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