Dog Wants To Be A Soccer Player – Interrupts Brazilian Futbol Game

A dog walks on a soccer field.

(Picture Credit: YouTube – Esporte Noticia 2)

Soccer is a sport usually played by humans. But at a championship match between two Brazilian teams, a canine competitor couldn’t resist the fun and wandered onto the pitch, bringing the game to a halt. The sweet pup looked ready to play as he ran around the field, at first dodging players who tried to catch him. But when players bent down to give him pets, he couldn’t resist stopping for some scratches to the neck. 

Players bend down to pet the dog.

(Picture Credit: YouTube – Esporte Noticia 2)

That’s when one of the players picked the pup up and carried him, baby-style, over to a referee, who gently took the dog, cradled in his arms, over to the sideline and beyond a guard fence where he could safely run off without getting hurt. Maybe he’ll be able to find some other dog buddies and start a game of his own. The doggy distraction didn’t stop the match for long, and play resumed fairly quickly.

A referee carries the dog off the field.

(Picture Credit: YouTube – Esporte Noticia 2)

The highlight of the whole mishap was the words from the announcer who watched from the booth. He was delighted by the pup, saying that he was there to be a part of the show just like the players. Once the dog was led off the field, the announcer reminded fans to be good to animals and dogs, as it’s the least we can to for all that they give us. As dog lovers, I’m sure we all know how true that is.

Do you wish more sporting events had doggy interruptions? Are you glad the pup got his moment of fame? Let us know in the comments below!

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