Adorable Shelter Dogs Act As Tennis Ball Boys At The Brazil Open

A black dog with a bandana retrieves a tennis ball on the court.

(Picture Credit: YouTube – CNN)

There’s nothing quite like chasing down and chewing on a tennis ball for a dog. So when four former street dogs sat on the sidelines at the Brazil Open, they took their jobs as ball boys very seriously. It was their job to hunt down and retrieve any tennis ball that bounced into the net or went out of bounds. It’s a job any dog would dream of.

A light colored dog with a bandana retrieves a ball from the court.

(Picture Credit: YouTube – CNN)

The pups named Frida, Costela, Mel, and Isabelle all came from a local shelter in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and trained for months to take on their ball boy duties at the tennis open. And when the day came, they performed much to the delight of the audience. They snatched up tennis balls without a problem, though bringing them back and giving them up was a bit more of a struggle. To them it was one big game of fetch.

Organizers and players sit on the court with the dogs.

(Picture Credit: YouTube – CNN)

The goal was to raise awareness for shelter dogs in Brazil. Organizers wanted to show that these former street dogs could be very happy with just a little care and love. There are over a thousand dogs being cared for by the organizers of this event. It seems like a great way to get the word out while letting the pups get some much needed exercise and attention. Hopefully this will catch on at other tennis and major sporting events!

Do you like this idea? What other sports would you like to see shelter dogs help out with? Let us know in the comments below!

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