April Fools’ Day: 5 Of The Best Dog Pranks On YouTube [VIDEOS]

dog with lion costume for april fools prank

(Picture Credit: Photography by Keith Getter (all rights reserved)/Getty Images)

April Fools’ Day isn’t just for humans. Some of our best animal buddies like to get in on the prank action, too!

It turns out dogs are actually excellent pranksters.

We don’t recommend that you and your pooch try any of these at home, but here are a few of the best dog prank videos on YouTube–perfect for April Fools’ Day or any day!

1. The Giant Spider Prank

Even regular-sized spiders are scary when you aren’t expecting them. So when a giant spider comes rushing toward you out of the dark, it’s downright terrifying.

The cute, little monster in this video is wearing a spider costume for dogs, and when he’s not popping out of an elevator or chasing you down a scary tunnel, he’s the most adorable arachnid since Charlotte.

2. The Escaped Lion Prank

Duke the yellow Labrador isn’t very menacing, but give him a wig and suddenly he’s an escaped baby lion running amok in the park.

He certainly isn’t fooling everyone — and we have a feeling some of the video is staged just for fun — but some people are buying it.

You can tell Duke is loving every minute of it. He may not understand why people are scared of him, but he sure does love running around outside with his buddy.

3. The Talking Dog Prank

Who ever heard of a dog cat-calling in the park?

This smart-mouthed hound has a lot to say. Maybe a little too much. If anything, this video might prove that it’s a good thing that dogs can’t talk.

But the pup in this prank makes some new pals and gets lots of pets as a reward for his participation. And he seems more than happy to relax outside and meet some friendly strangers.

If he really could talk, he probably wouldn’t be complaining.

4. The Driving Dog Prank

Like a good dog, the pup in this video comes when his human calls. He also pulls the RV around to load up the groceries.

Unfortunately he keeps driving away because, you know, he’s a dog. You can’t expect a dog to learn to drive and park in the right spot.

This pooch has his “victims” in stitches as they watch him roll along like he’s people. But he’s a professional, so don’t go handing your keys to your pup just yet.

5. The Psychic Dog Prank

They say dogs have a sixth sense, but Danny the Saint Bernard is on a whole other level.

With the magic of bluetooth, he’s able to blast your favorite tunes like a DJ with psychic powers. It’s just a trick, but Danny is happy to be out and about getting lots of love and attention from new people.

He doesn’t know “sit” very well, but he’s a top-notch prankster who loves getting pets and cuddles.

What’s your favorite poochy prank? Is your dog playing any practical jokes for April Fools’ Day? Share in the comments below!