Happy Hug Your Hound Day: 30 Pictures Of Cuddly Dogs Giving Happy Hugs

September 9th is national Hug Your Hound Day!

Who knew Hug Your Hound day was a thing? It happens on the second Sunday of September every year!

To honor a national holiday like this, we felt that a gallery of cuddly canine hugs would be fitting. Dogs are so cuddly, you almost can’t help giving one a hug when you meet them. Some dogs are shy though and you should be sure a dog is friendly before you offer a warm embrace.

Does your hound love hugs?

Remember, it’s not safe to hug a hound you don’t know! Always ask for permission from the dog’s human. Some dogs may be shy or take a hug as aggression so be sure the hound you hug is going to like being hugged.

Share a photo of you hugging your pup and join in the Hug Your Hound Day fun!

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Does your dog like to cuddle?