Robin and Honey Bear from Phoenix AZ-California


Human: Robin

Canine: Honey Bear

Location: Phoenix AZ-California

Type: Chow Chow

Our Story:

After being in a serious car accident on the East Coast which left me unable to travel for weeks, I finally was able to travel back to California. Two days after I got home, my beloved Chow Chow Kylie, whom I had for 12 years, died. I was beyond heart broken. I held her lifeless body for 2 hours before they told me I had to let her go (she was cremated and will be with us for ever).

About a week later I had received several emails regarding a little Chow being euthanized at a shelter in Phoenix AZ due to her medical needs (I belong to several Chow Chow Rescue sites). Several people were making attempts to save her but nothing was working. On her final day at 2:00 p.m., I got another email with the same sad picture. My heart told me to save this baby. I called the shelter and they were NO help. They refused any adoption even if I made the attempt to travel to Phoenix because I lived out of the state and because they had deemed her unadoptable.

Not thinking very clearly, it then dawned on me, my sister lives in Phoenix. But…with her schedule etc, I had no idea if she could even inquire for me. Well my sister is as big of an animal lover as I am. She dropped everything and rushed to the shelter getting there at 4:45. They refused to let her see Honey, stating she was already scheduled to be euthanized and had been deemed NOT adoptable. My sister is no force to be reckoned with. She threw more names in the air than you can imagine pointing out every potential violation she could spot at the shelter and told them to “get ready because tomorrow morning I’m going to have (her list remains unknown to me) in here, you all will be lucky to have jobs.” Idol threats I know are not nice. But, they then decided that Honey WAS adoptable.

Long and short of it, they did a botch spay on Honey and told my sister to pick her up the next day at noon. The following Saturday my sister and I met somewhere between San Francisco and Arizona, that was the day Honey Bear became a part of my life. She was in the vet first thing Monday a.m. where our vet had to re-suture her stitches from the spay at the shelter, as they did not close the inner sutures properly. Both eyes required surgery. My vet is amazing, he did it all in one day and had me bring my other dog in with her, as he feared she’d think she was being abandoned again and thought she would do better with her new mate by her side.

This picture is Honey Bear three days after all her eye and tummy sutures came out. She is a beautiful happy healthy girl and a beloved part of our family. She will be with us two years this coming February. We celebrate her life being saved. It doesn’t make it easier, but it helps us knowing Kylie’s passing helped save a life of another fur baby.