YouTube’s top 10 videos of 2014 list goes to the dogs

A video of a dog wearing an elaborate Halloween costume and a Budweiser Super Bowl spot featuring an adorable puppy were two of the Top Trending Videos on YouTube in 2014:

The brainchild of Warsaw, Poland, resident Sylwester Adam Wardęga, “Mutant Spider Dog” took the number-one spot, with almost 116 million views to date. The 4-minute-long piece features Wardęga’s a small black dog Chica wearing a spider costume that gives the animal the appearance of having eight legs.

Using surveillance footage and hidden cameras, the video captures humans’ reaction to the costumed pooch and other staged events, which mostly take place at night.

Puppy Love,” which was produced by the agency Anomaly for Budweiser, was regarded as the best commercial that aired during Super Bowl XLVII; it ranked in at number 7 on the YouTube list with almost 54 million views to date.

Sorry, cat lovers, no videos featuring felines made the top 10.

According to YouTube, channel personnel “looked at views, likes, shares, searches, parodies, remixes and responses” to select the most popular videos in this category for 2014.

Music videos, a huge YouTube traffic driver, have their own list. Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” topped that chart with 719 million views to date.

Sources: YouTube, MailOnline, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian