Fur Laughs: The Top 10 Funniest Dog Videos That Are YouTube Classics

Close up of Caucasian woman and her dog working at home

(Picture Credit: playb/Getty Images)

Funny dog videos keep us coming back to YouTube for more hilarious pups who brighten our days. As dog lovers, we can’t get enough, and we’ve shared some of our favorite viral funny dog videos so many times over the years that they’ve become classics.

These videos will probably stick around and be re-shared for years to come, and no matter how many times we see them, they still bring smiles to our faces.

Here are our top ten classic funny dog videos from YouTube.

1. Guilty Dog Denver

There’s no dog who has a guilty face better than Denver.

This funny dog video is one of the most recognizable on the internet, and with the sad music, Denver’s goofy grin after being caught red-handed, and Macy the Golden Retriever who just let it happen, we can’t help but laugh every time we watch.

2. Dog Flipping Over Ball

We all know a dog who loves their ball, but this dog is so eager that they run right over the ball and do a complete flip.

It may be scary for some who think the pup might be hurt, but once the pooch gets up and keeps chasing the ball, you know it’s okay to laugh.

3. Nathan The Hairless Dancing Dog

Nathan the Hairless Dancing Dog took the internet by storm with a funny video of him dancing on a chair.

Why does he do it? Probably because he has an itch and it feels nice, but it looks pretty funny, especially when set to music.

4. Dog Rats Out Friend

Who pooped in the kitchen? We all know who, thanks to the pup who didn’t hesitate to rat out her buddy in this hilarious video.

Instant classic.

5. Golden Retrievers Tennis Ball Tug-Of-War

Things can get pretty heated when dogs fight over toys, but this fight is very tame.

Neither Golden Retriever is gonna let go, but their buddy is there to ask, “Can’t we all just get along?”

6. Dog Attacks The Witness

HQ the Maltipoo puppy was caught on camera shredding paper, and when he realized he was spotted, he decided to attack the witness with an adorable yap.

Too funny.

7. Teasing The Talking Dog

Most of us don’t like to tease our dogs, but what if they could talk?

This hilarious dog video has been seen almost 200 million times on YouTube alone, and probably millions more from being re-posted elsewhere, and that’s because it’s one of the funniest dog videos around.

8. Baby Laughs At Popcorn-Eating Dog

You may not think a dog eating popcorn is that funny, but this baby does.

Watch this funny dog video to hear one of the most infectious laughs you’ve ever heard.

9. Dog Slides Along The Snow

What is this pup doing? Do they want to cool off their belly? Are they just being silly?

Whatever the reason, the person holding the camera timed it perfectly to watch this funny dog slide on by.

10. Dog Plays Dead To Stay At The Park

Some dogs just never want to leave the park, and this pup is willing to go as far as playing dead to make sure they can stay.

The pup has the crowd’s support, and when they finally get up to leave, the audience gives a round of applause.

What is your favorite funny dog video on YouTube? Should we add any classics to the list? Let us know in the comments below!