Paw-mazing Pets: Beebee The Amazing Chihuahua Gets A New Wheelchair! [VIDEO]

Beebee, the tiny Chihuahua in the video above, was born with a kind of abnormality that could have crippled a lesser dog. With no shoulder blades, she couldn’t put any weight on her front legs or straighten them.

Yet, Beebee refused to let her different abilities stop her from living life to the fullest.

She’d always been a beloved visitor at Alpine Living Center in Thornton, Colorado, but once she got her own specialized wheelchair, she roamed the nursing home halls all by herself, cheering up everyone she met!

Beebee’s overcame so much to spread love to others who needed it. Her story definitely inspires us! If Beebee’s spirit reminds you of your dog, maybe your best buddy is ready to become a therapy dog and help people too!

Is Your Dog Ready To Become A Therapy Dog?

Hospitals, schools, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and other places are always in need of the help provided by volunteers who show up with their therapy animals.

If you want to donate your time and some of your dog’s affection to a worthy cause, you should absolutely consider having your dog registered as a therapy animal.

Some of the requirements for becoming a therapy dog include:

  • Knowing the basic commands like sit, stay, heel, and so on
  • Being tolerant of strangers greeting, touching, and petting them, including children
  • Not reacting to loud or sudden noises and movements
  • Tolerating other animals, as other therapy pets may be present
  • Not going after dropped items, like medications or medical supplies

These aren’t the only qualities that make for a good therapy dog, but they’re a start. You can read about the full instructions on how to register your dog as a therapy animal here!

Thanks to our friends at Hooplaha for the heartwarming video.

Are you as inspired by Beebee’s story as we are? Do you think your dog could visit nursing homes and help people like Beebee does? Let us know in the comments below!