Muttlery + Catlery | For the discerning pet owner

Muttlery + Catlery | For the discerning pet owner

Muttlery + Catlery by Pet SpoonsWondering what to get the animal lover in your life? Our mates at Pet SpoonsinAustralia have cooked-upa real corker of a prezzy for the well-equipped animal lover in the form ofstylishMuttlery and Catlery.

Muttlery + Catlery by Pet SpoonsIstumbled uponPet Spoonswhile searchingthe webfor unique pet lover gifts andwas more than a little intrigued by the terms “Muttlery” and “Catlery.”What’s this?Silverware for cats and dogs?Not exactly…what Ifoundwerebeautifully designed and detailed stainless steelserving spoons, kibble scoopers and feeding dishes.

The pet spoon’sextra-long handlekeeps your hand pet-food-free while the square tipmakesit easier toscrape every last morsel from the can.It will also add a little fun to the task of preparing your own pet foodpièce de résistance.$20

The food scoopis adorned with tiny paw printsmaking it perfectly clear as to whom the scoop really belongs to. It’sheavy-weight, stainless steelconstruction makes me think it may very wellbe around longer than our beloved pets. It holds exactly 1 metric cup and is so adorable, I may plant some catnip inmine! $30

Pet Spoons also carriespet bowls withremovable, stainless steel inserts. I like the smooth lines of the bowl’s designgiving a contemporaryfeel to an otherwise boring feeding staple.Contact Pet Spoons for pricing and availability.

Yourchoiceof black or silver paw printson the cup and spoon.You can purchase Muttlery + Catlery on the Pet Spoons website.

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