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Drinkwell Pet Fountains

Drinkwell 360° Stainless Steel Pet Fountain

Several years ago I learned of the importance of cats and dogs drinking plenty of fresh water after having a kitty who suffered from a urinary tract infection. I also learned that our pets are not as motivated to drink “stale” water as they are fresh water. Those picky little critters.

Kaya drinking from the 360° fountainShortly after adopting 2 rescue kitties in 2006, I purchased my first Drinkwell Fountain and noticed an increase in all 3 of our cat’s water consumption immediately. After 5 years of 24/7 operation that fountain is operating just as well as it did the first day I plugged it in.

Shake drinkng from the 360° fountain

The secret to the fountain is its continuous circulation and filtration of the water which inhibits bacteria growth and add soxygen, keeping the water tasting fresh. Kaya’s mom, Lindsey, adds that the sound of the water gently trickling from the spout lends a soothing zen quality to her townhouse. Ohmmm…

Over the years Veterinary Ventures has made a good thing even better by adding a larger basin, an adjustable flow rate and optional reservoirs that keep the fountains filled for several days.

I am thrilled with Drinkwell’s360° Stainless SteelFountainfor several reasons:

  • The animals love it
  • The 360°basin allows multiple members of our menagerieto drink at the same time
  • The fountain’s 1 gallon water capacity
  • 5 water spouts to choose from
  • Its stainless steel construction

While I don’t use stainless steel bowls exclusively, I do know tha tstainless steel is less porous than plastic and therefore harbors less bacteria making it easier to keep clean and sterilized.

Check-out our Drinkwell review video

The Drinkwell 360° Stainless Steel Pet Fountainruns around $99 and can be purchased online at PetFountain.comand at most large pet supply retailers.

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