Four-Star pet food & treats by Fromm Family Foods

Pet Product Review – Four-Star pet food & treats by Fromm Family Foods

Fromm Family Foods

Thank you Fromm Family for sending samples of your very tasty Four Star food and treats our way!

Kaya The same old kibble day after day…boring! That’s what I imagine my pets would say to me if they could. I’m always trying to think of ways to add some variety to their meals so when I heard about Fromm Foods, and the wide of variety of flavors they offer in their Four Star pet food line, I just had to ask them if they would send the panel some samples to review! Each recipe is made with fresh meat, fish and produce, including sweet potatoes, broccoli, alfalfa sprouts, carrots, apples, blueberries, and cranberries.
Khan Our panel tried the dry Surf & Turf and Salmon À La Veg entrees. Loved them! Khan, Lucia, Kaya & Sydney were clearly excited about the menu change and really went nuts over the salmon flavor! Jocelyn said that her dogs loved both flavors and, “With as many fruits and vegetables that are packed into this food, you really can’t go wrong!” The Lamb with Cranberry and Salmon with Sweet Potato treats also went over big and Kaya’s owner, Lindsey,was happy to find thatthey fitnicely in Kaya’s Kong toy. We topped Joey & Shakespeare’s regular kibble with a large spoonful of the canned shredded chicken entree and they kept checking their bowls throughout the evening to see if they might have missed a drop!
To find retailers who carry the Four Star pet food line in your area, visit the Dealers page on the Fromm Family Foods website .

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