Raindrop Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain by Pioneer Pet

Pet Product Review: Big Max Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain by Pioneer Pet


There are various reasons that keep me from drinking tap water. I find not only does it have a different taste than filtered or bottled water, but the texture is slightly different. I also question what is really in the water that comes straight from the faucet. It occurred to me the other day, as I was filling up my dogs water dish that if I won’t drink this water then why should my dog?

I began looking for water bowls that automatically filter the water. I found the Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain (Big Max design) by Pioneer Pet. Some of the benefits that attracted me to this product are:
1) It is stainless steel and not plastic. Plastic can harbor bacteria and other things that can be harmful to your pet so in the long run stainless steel is cleaner.
2) Not only is the water filtered, but it is constantly moving. My dog seems to be drawn to moving water, hoses, sprinklers, streams, etc., so, I knew getting him to drink out of the bowl would be effortless.
3) It is extremely easy to take apart, clean, replace the filter and put back together. I should also mention it is dishwasher safe!

All my assumptions of this product proved to be correct. The bowl was a snap to put together and my dog immediately ran to it and started drinking from it.

You can purchase the Big Max Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain by Pioneer Pet at a variety of pet store or it is also sold directly off of their website for $89.99, replacement filters are sold separately and come in packs of 3 for $9.99. You can expect each filter to last about a month.

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