Pet Product Video Review: Tug & Toss Cotton Rope Toy from PLANET MOMO

Pet Product Video Review: Tug & Toss Cotton Rope Toyfrom PLANET MOMO

Planet Momo Tug & Toss Rope Toy from Planet Momo

Momo The inspiration for PLANET MOMO came from an adorable Shiba Inupup named, MoMo.For a product to make it onto the PLANET MOMO website,it must befunctional,durable,stylish and passthe team’sresearch and vetting process.

We called in the “big guns” for this review,our Great Dane-Shakespeare,with his jaws of steel.Shake LOVES to play tug-o-warbut it takes an extremelywell-made tug toy to stand-up to hisfrenzied version of the game (as well as a firm stance).

Afterarousing tug session, not a single thread on the rope toywas out of place and Shakespeare clearly lovesit.

5 Paws Up! Any toy thatcan passShake’s test is a marvel and deservesa 5 paw rating

The Harry Barker Tug & TossRope Toycomes in 3 sizes, 8 colors, runs between $4.95- $8.95,and can be purchased at PLANET MOMO also carries collars, leashes, toys, beds, bowls and more!

PLANET MOMO gives back!Not only does PLANET MOMOsupport the environment by carrying many eco-friendly products, they also donate a portion of their profits to animal rescues! Love it!

BONUS:On Friday, April 22, PLANET MOMMOwill be offering 15% off EVERYTHING intheir Eco-Friendly category!

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