Zukes Treats, Orbee toys by Planet Dog and more at Lucy’s Dog House

Pet Product Review – Zukes Treats, Orbee toys by Planet Dog and more at Lucy’s Dog House

Lucy's Dog House

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Thank you Lucy’s Dog House for sending toys and treats for the panel to review!

Sasha & Orbee Large Dog Toy
Orbee Large Dog Toy

Kaya’s owner, Lindsey, says, “I love the minty smell and the look (the globe design) of the toy. It’s big enough and durable enough for the dogs to play tug with but it is also effective as a solo toy to put treats in. This toy is tough and will probably stay with the dogs for many years!” Price: $12.95
Shake & Zukes Treat
Zukes Berry Blastz Organic Treats

Shakespeare is a Great Dane who LOVES fruits and vegetables so the Berry Blastz Treats made from antioxidant-rich blueberries, cranberries and raspberries were welcomed with an open mouth. Shake’s owner, Jessica, says, “I’d never heard of a fruit dog treat before! Shake loves these treats and the low protein content make them safe and a nice switch from the meat flavored treats he’s used to.” Price: $7.49 14 oz. box
Jade & Orbee Tennis Ball
Orbee Sport Yellow Tennis Ball

Made with Orbee-Tuff compound, this bright yellow ball is perfect for aggressive chewers like Jade! Jade’s mom, Kathleen, says, “Jade loves it and… it is still intact! LOL! Her favorite activity is playing fetch with her new tennis ball!” The ball rinses clean and is 2 1/2″ in diameter. Price: $8.99
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