Zuke’s Genuine Jerky Steaks Treats For Dogs Review

zukes-steaks-jerkyAs a pet blogger I get to try out all sorts of treats on my dogs and you know when they particularly love something. My dogs seem to go crazy for all things made my Zuke’s.

We recently tried Zuke’s Genuine Jerky Steaks treats made from “savory slices of New Zealand beef.”

I like that the jerky comes in big chunks for my larger dog and I used cooking sheers to cut some of the bigger pieces up into smaller pieces for my smaller dogs and to fit them into toys. You can really make them any size you want and they fit nicely in my treat dispensing toys and doggie brain game puzzles that they like to play with.

If you read the packaging they are grain free and there are no added nitrates or nitrites, only using natural preservatives, which is good. The treats are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, and the beef is grass-fed. All things I like seeing on my dog’s treat packaging.

If you are traveling or on the go, these are perfect treats to take with you on a road trip or sleep over. I mainly give treats to my dogs as a reward for doing something I want them to do or as a training tool.

You can get them on Amazon if you want to give them a try!

What treats does your dog love? Let us know in the comments below and we may give them a try and write up a review.