H2O4K9 water bottles for dogs-on-the-go from PLANET MOMO

PLANET MOMO H2O4K9 water bottles I love the mod look of the H2O4K9 water bottle. It’s one of those über cool products that make me feel like I’m living-out a scene from The Jetsons ,the space-age cartoon that captivated me as a kid.

The bottle is light-weight, stainless steel with a twist off cap that doubles as a water bowl. I filled the bottle with water, put the cap on and shook it, no leakage. Shakespeare didn’t hesitate to lap up the water offered to him in his new H2O water scoop.

Shakespeare and his H2O4K9 water bottle

Thebottle is a standard cup size so it fits in my car’s cup holders. You can also purchase a NEOSLING waterbottle holderwith what looks like a very comfy shoulder strap. Convenient, durable and stylish…I absolutely love, love, love this product!

The H2O4K9 is made from 100% recyclable materials, holds 25 oz. of water, comes in 8 cool colors and sells for $19.79 on thePLANET MOMO website. The NEOSLING sells for $14.79.

PLANET MOMO gives back!

Not only is the PLANET MOMOTeam eco-conscious, they also donate a portion of their profits to “reputable animal rescue organizations that promote better care and treatment of animals!” Way to go, MOMO!

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