Dog Duvet Covers from PLANET MOMO

Dog Duvet Covers from PLANET MOMO

Snowcones & Puppies Dog Duvet Another great product from PLANET MOMO! Molly Mutt duvet covers are manna from heaven for eco-conscious pet owners.

The cover can be made into a bed by stuffing it with old towels and clothes or used (as we did), to replace a worn-out dog bed cover.

Zippered and gussetted (reinforced), the fabric is tough and machine washable. Music to my ears!

Shake and his Molly Mutt Duvet cover Our dogs love their beds but we were about to toss one because the cover had worn thin from hundreds of dreamy dog naps while the stuffing still had some life left in it.

The Molly Mutt duvet cover revived Joey’s favorite snooze spot and the Snowcoes & Puppies design is a refreshing, stylish change from the bed’s previous cover.

Eco-friendly, stylish, durable, machine washable and affordably priced…we love it!

The dog duvet covers come in 3 sizes: Small – $21.50 | Medium/Large – $32.50 | Huge – $44.95; a variety of shapes and styles; and can be purchasedon the PLANET MOMO website.

And while you’re there, I recommend taking some time to browse PLANET MOMO’Sselection of other unique and chic dog products. Love this store!

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